massive belly
here is a women with a gigantic belly, she isnt pregnant but massive none the less. I wonder how she even moves...
Holy crap, she's massive. If she isn't pregnant, what's going on?
Her belly is so massive. How did her belly get so big.
she got a tumour. that's why she got so big belly. she is filipina
in spain a proverb says: they go in labor they decide.... I WANNA DECIDE TOO..
At the 1:20 minute mark, the text at the bottom of the screen reads "May Ovarian Cyst". I've heard of ovarian cysts making women look pregnant, but I've never heard of one being THIS massive. Basically, her abdomen is filled to the brim with fluid. Poor girl can't really do much of anything.
She looks like a lot of the pregnant men and women in the stories are described

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