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An interesting article
Just read this article about a FtM transgendered individual who got pregnant and had a baby recently while going through transition.
I read this article last night. I'm gonna sound like an asshole, however I don't understand FTM individuals getting pregnant. Nothing is wrong with them having kids, however I thought they would be at a state of fully rejecting their current gender when they actually pursue the procedure. Perhaps there is more to learn about what it means to be Transgender; I just thought they didn't want anything to do with being a woman so why get pregnant? Kinda seems like a Thomas Beatie coattail to me.

Well, you're making the assumption that pregnancy and being pregnant is a feminine thing, which is incorrect as in the animal kingdom we have the best example that pregnancy is a reproductive process, regardless of sex, the seahorse, if pregnancy and being pregnant were truly a female thing, then male seahorses would never have been pregnant. Biologically, a male is an organism that produces small gametes (sperm) and a female is an organism that produces large gametes (eggs), this is the case as different species have different reproductive organs but the one thing ALL species share in common is the type of gametes they produce. People incorrectly interchange sex with gender, as gender is the social behavior of someone, sex is their biological, genetic expression of an organism. The reason biologist know that male seahorses become pregnant is because they produce small gametes and NOT large gametes. So to say that pregnancy is a "female thing" is completely incorrect.

This also begs the question of if you believe pregnancy is a female thing, then what does that make you a male who wants to become pregnant? Are you transgender as well?

Your way of thinking about pregnancy, which I've seen many male members in this community also have, hurts the case for male pregnancy going forward, this community, and yourself.
We're all members of one human family! ^_^
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