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Wow! Looking forward to watching this one.
Wow but when??
aww when will it come?

Found it!
That was so so good!!!!
Nice find! It was surprisingly good!
Thanks for the find. You're so awesome jrcash. It was definitely pretty good, He looked adorable pregnant Smile
WoW! That was very well done!
Was super keen to see the full version of this one! Thanks for the find Smile
That was beautiful.

... and the actor is rather handsome too ...
The creator made the video private after this was posted for whatever reason, no one here has the password so please stop asking for it. It's borderline spam.

Thank you.
We're all members of one human family! ^_^
One great big, loving, dysfunctional family. -_-;

Human Family Tree
If you want to see it and are in the Tacoma, WA area, it’ll be playing st the Tacoma Film Festival in a couple of weeks. October 5-12.
i got in
That’s awesome Dion!! You’ll have to let us know what you thought!!
(09-22-2017, 01:09 PM)mpregfan1 Wrote:  That’s awesome Dion!! You’ll have to let us know what you thought!!

I love the movie, the pregnant guy was beautiful.

I finally figured out the password.

If you wanna watch the movie. The password is pregnant

enjoy Smile
Thank you!
Great video - from cinematography, sound, sets, etc. to story telling.

Haven't watched them yet, but he's made some other videos:
My Stories:
     Thinking Back (NSFW):
     Subscribers (NSFW, Explicit, M/M):
     Subscribers, Part II (NSFW, Explicit, M/M):
     Post Partum Pain and Pregnant:
     Adventures of an Amateur Stripper (NSFW, Explicit, M/M):

That was fantastic. I was honestly expecting the boyfriend to be a total asshole, given his expression at the dinner table, but after he showed up with the call is where I knew their affection was real. This is just me, but I really just wanted to see the two guys with their baby as a finale.

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