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Need belly simulation tips
All I have are pillows and different sized blankets how can I make them realistic?
(10-10-2012, 03:41 PM)zacklovesmpreg Wrote:  All I have are pillows and different sized blankets how can I make them realistic?

I remember when I first started out padding not too long ago, maybe back in March, I would fold up a comforter into a pentagon-ish shape, and then put it in a trash bag. you might need to add a bit more realism to it by molding it into a half-egg shape. Then, I would take a pillow and put it in sideways, and have it lay on my stomach. I have pictures too!

What you'll need is two shirts, and they must be stretchy! And, what ever pants you want. You could also use a leotard, if you want, but it's easier to use two shirts. You'll also need a one blanket and one pillow, if you wanna use the pillow. You're also gonna need a trash bag.

1.) Fold the blanket into a half-egg like pentagon shape. That'll be your belly. It always helps to shape it, too, so it doesn't gap, and look all weird.

2.) Put the folded and shaped blanket into the trash bag. It doesn't matter what kind you use. I just used a store-brand one.

3.) Here's where the shirts come in. Put the stretchy shirt on [ Like a workout shirt, it doesn't matter. Under-Armour works good too. ] like a regular shirt, and put the other one on like a pair of pants. Just put your legs through the sleeves. Using short sleeves is recommended, but I've tried it with long sleeves.

4.) Put the trash-bag blanket inside your shirt-pants. Once you do that, shape it so its centered on your stomach. Shaping is key, here. Once you do that, you're practically done. Just put the stretchy shirt over it and you're pretty much done. Hopefully, if you've done it correctly, It should look like a belly. You could use the pillow, too, but it's not needed.

5.) Customize it! Wear whatever clothing you want to over it. I, myself, personally like the office-belly look. It's all up to you!

I use a balloon and swimsuit, then a Lycra top over the swimsuit to hold shape. Sometimes if I think I have the house to myself for a fee days, I use a water or gel filled balloon for weight, I always add air to keep its shape and so that it presses on the bottom of my lungs, internal organs and on my bladder, feels about as realistic as I've ever been able to manage. You'd be surprised, you do end up heaving yourself around. Smile
I'm similar to the opening poster in which all I have, realistically, are pillows, cushions and blankets.

What I've always done is use a cushion which is of similar width do yourself. In that way, it reduces the chances of the cushion's edges being overly visible. Shape it carefully at it's corners (to reduce those typically right-angled edges) and try to 'puff it out' in the middle.

I've had some surprisingly realistic-looking effects by doing this in the past...

Pillows tend to be a bit too large to look realistic in my opinion.
I have to second happy bump here - I spent years messing with pillows, cushions etc and the never rarely looked right and in any caser the whole thing is too light. You need a large punch/water balloon (I bought a pack of 12 or so for a couple of pounds on Amazon) then you put some warm water in it and top it up with air to create the shape and size you want. You then need to put it under something that will compress it. I use a belly bump band which limits how much water you can put in or it will slip down and out. I might add a swimsuit which means I can make it as heavy as I want to but that would restrict genital and anal access and as I like to masturbate and use my anal butt plug while dressed up it may prove problematic.

The key for me isn't just looking pregnant but feeling pregnant and in labour too. I want to couple up my EMS/TENS machine to my belly to simulate contractions and I want to use my expanding butt plug for the discomfort, desire to expel and for its ability to give me something large and difficult to push out! Sensations are a very important part of the whole thing in my book and the feeling of being dressed up convincingly pregnant while feeling a fresh electrically stimulated contraction starting that I cannot stop and that I have to breathe and pant through is all part of the turn on! I also really enjoy the sensation of there being something really big and uncomfortable up there and when I change position or even try to walk it can be very uncomfortable. Trying to move around and find the most comfortable position makes it much more realistic!

Good luck,


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