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"Men could become pregnant 'tomorrow'"
"Men could become pregnant ‘tomorrow’ thanks to advances in womb transplantation, according to a leading fertility expert."
I read this article on another site earlier today, and I was thrilled to death! I know that this has been a topic in the mpreg community for quite some time. Earlier articles said that it would take five years, tops!

Though, I'm surprised that the article didn't notion the price for the surgery, nor if biological men could part take in it.

I wonder how long it will be before members on here will get the operation done?
It always seems like the voices in the "mpreg" conversation among experts are fringe figures, so it's reassuring to hear this from someone in a position of prominence. Eventually, someone (probably a trans woman) will challenge the rules currently in place and then we'll be on our way.
This isn’t a surprise at all to me, I’ve been saying it for years that this was going to be the route for male pregnancy (it was even thoroughly explained in that article I found and shared on here that was written by a research buff in 2009), I’ve never doubted it, not even once. It didn’t have to take me to hear it from a medical expert.

With that being said, it is about time this is starting to take fruition, this could’ve been achieved at least a decade ago.
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