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Object birth suggestions?
Hope you're all having a lovely day xx So, I am a female who has recently began dabbling in the world of birth simulation with different objects. I usually slip something inside a latex balloon, tie it off, lube it up, and have fun. I've used multiple thing from small pill bottles, marbles, lip gloss tube station, ping pong balls, larger EOS lip balms. I like trying new things if my body allows me, but what turns me on the most is the sensation of crowning. So the ping pong ball and EOS containers are magnificent for that, but they are getting too easy for me. So I was just wondering if anyone had any objects to birth suggestions? I'm up for any suggestions really, but am specifically looking for objects that will give me that nice crowning sensation. Thanks in advance xo
hey there! i use this and it's been a great toy! since it's specifically made for body use i feel a lot more comfortable using it than other stuff i've used before that's been improvised. they have larger ones too!
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Oh my god, those look incredibly fun! Those are totally on my personal wishlist now aha. Thanks for the suggestion xx

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