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How I do birth simulations
Okay so I see a lot of people discussing birth simulation over here and how they do it, so this is just my way of doing things. Take note than I'm a trans man and therefore I've been using my vagina for birth simulations, so I don't know how well it would work anally.

So first of all I put on my simulated belly, but nothing on my bottom half yet. I have a travel-sized toiletries bottle, which has a string tied around it's neck, and I push that up into my vagina. If you walk around with it in for a while it should become more settled and slip in a bit deeper. 

Next, I get a condom and fully unroll it, and cut off the rim. I fill it halfway up with water, and lightly tie a knot in the end. I place it between my legs in my boxers, so the knot is under my vagina.

So with my boxers pulled up, waters and "baby" in place, I pull on some pyjama shorts and relax. I don't have anything to simulate contractions so I do some moaning and groaning. 

When I decide labor is going to progress, I take off my PJ shorts. I go to check my dilation and undo the knot in the condom, and whoosh! Waters broken.

Once my waters have broken I pull off my soaked underwear. I get into position for birthing, whatever that may be, and start pushing. As the bottle emerges I control it's speed but holding it, so I can push it without it moving. If I want to do multiples I'll push it back in after a "delivery"

Does anyone have any alternative suggestions?
~mpreg video creator! belly rubs, moans, birthing, NSFW etc~ 
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That would look great, wish i could be with you do to don one.
transguy here as well, and this is exactly what I do! i've never done the labor or left it in, but I pretty much use the same exact item and do the same thing for multiples, but I'm totally gonna try your method.

also, I actually found a small enough baby doll to fit inside me (which says a lot, lol). Sometimes I use that! I can fit it all the way in. It came with a few extra things but you can take the clothes off of it. It's like a hard rubber material; honestly I think it's kind of perfect, but the head could be bigger for crowning. if you can find one, try that too! it was only 5 or 6 dollars.

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