hidden consequences.
Name: Cale mason
Age: 18
Description: shaggy black hair ussually covering atleast one of his pale ice blue eyes. he wears alot of hoodies and dark jeans. his skin is pale.
Bio: a high school student he was held back a year seeing as he was hardly at school the year before. he has a crush on the cute male high school drama teacher. and has been secretly dating him for a year. they had taken to having fun in his boyfriends apartment a month before school started back up.
Cale woke up early on the first day of school and groaned not feeling well. he knows he needs to go to school today though. he gets dressed and grabs a pop tart running out the door as he grabs his car keys. he arrives at the school building and sits in the auditorium nibbling on his breakfast still not feeling too well.
Name : Erik Sparks
Age : 30
Description : Tall, long black hair pulled in a braid. Bright green eyes, wearing a black pants and white shirt with a tie. He hated school was back in knowing he couldn't see Cale unless they were alone or out of school.

Erik knowing his classes weren't to start for a hour, he began walking around the halls of the school noticing Cale in the auditorium, looking a little pale. Deciding he could at least act like a teacher, Erik entered using his teacher voice in case anyone noticed, "Well hello Cale Mason, how are you doing first day? You don't look so well."
Cale looks up At Erik and puts the pop tart down giving up on eating for now. "oh hello Mr. Sparks." he says careful not to use Erik's first name in case anyone was listening in on them. "yeah i kinda woke up not feeling well. but i can't afford to be held back again this year for being tardy." he says his hair falls into his eyes again as he looks down then up at the stage. "I can't wait to see what happens this year." he grins remembering the fun of the year before when one of his friends had started a reinactment sweeney todd and had accidently fallen off the stage and onto his own girlfriend.
Erik nodded, "Yes, I feel like this year is going show us something exciting." Erik looked to Cale feeling worried but knew there wasn't anything else he could do just yet, before getting an idea, "Alright, if your not feeling better by the end of our class, see me afterward, and I'll go find the nurse."
Um....what should i be? Haha
(there are several spots open for Cale's friends there are about 3 for that spot.) Cale nodded "i'll be sure to tell you if i am not feeling better. i think i have your class second hour Mr. Sparks." he says quietly. the bell rings releasing the students to their first hour class. "my first hour this year is history." he says standing up and picking up his binder.
Erik nods before going to his class, getting the stuff ready before student's started to come in. It wasn't long before second period had came and Erik was getting everyone to know each other."
Cale oddly isn't in class yet. 5 minutes late to second hour. he is ussually the first one in the drama room.
Name: Jace
Age: 22
Description: Short black hair, dark green eyes, pale, wears jeans and tshirt
Bio: Cale's older brother who works part time at the school but out of school is getting a degree as a doctor but specializes in midwifery and birthing

Is that alright?
Erik noticed Cale was the last person to come into class, knowing he was always the first one. Erik knew there was something going on with Cale, but knew he couldn't really ask him until either class was over or the first day.

((Sounds good to me))
Erik had seen the look on Cale's face nly one other time. they had been at a pizza buffet over the summer and Cale had eaten until he puked. he sits with his head on the desk closing his eyes when he walks in. (sounds good to me as well) Cale and Jace's parents are hardly around being travelers their parents are currently away in greece.
Erik knew he couldn't do anything until the schools day was over. Finally the day had came to an end as Erik told Cale to meet him in his office lying that he had a project for him. Erik waited until Cale came in wanting to know what was going on.
Jace was currently fixing something in the room and could see how his brother was acting perfectly. He'd been sick the last few days but insisted on going to school anyway. He looked at Erik worriedly. He obviously knew about their relationship but promised keeping it secret. They loved each other and he wouldn't stand in the way of love
Erik was glad that Jace was in the room, in case he needed it. Both knew that something was going on with Cale, and they were going to find out. Erik was glad that he didn't have to hide his and Cale's relationship in front of Jace anymore.
Cale had puked at lunch and felt almost instantly better afterwards. he walks quickly into the class room looking tons better than he had in the morning. "yes?" he asks quietly seeing his elder brother in the room too. there are no outward signs of anything being wrong.
Erik pointed to a seat, having Cale sit before he moved shutting the door not wanting anyone else to hear what they were going to talk about, "Cale, your brother and I are worried about you. You have been sick for days I hear, and you haven't gotten any better. Do you know what's wrong?"
Cale shakes his head and his hair fluffs up slightly allowing them both to see his beautiful icy eyes for just a moment before his bangs cover his eyes again. "I'm not sure whats going on Erik." he says taking a breath. "yes its been about 3 days. i get sick and then feel alot better after i puke." he looks embarressed speaking about this infront of his brother.
Jace frowned going over to him, doctor mode in practice as he knelt in front of his brother "So you feel sick, then are sick, then feel better?" He blushed slightly at the next question he was going to ask "Have....have you two...you know....um...done the deed?" he asked blushing brightly
Erik looks to Jace knowing exactly what was coming to his mind. Knowing Cale was embarrassed, Erik spoke for them both, "Yes we have, many times." Erik nods before wanting to know, "Cale, could you please stand up, and lift your shirt."
Cale looks alittle paniced. "its not that." he says sounding scared that there is a possibility. "it can't be. i'm probably just catching a bug. i need to be here this year. i need to graduate." he is tugging on the loose strings of his hoodie that is zipped up.

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