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Male Pregnancy Hypnosis
Ok, Ive been attempting to use hypnosis for a while to simulate a pregnancy but so far have been unsuccessful. Ive heard of some men (and women) actually get a full pregnancy and birth experience by going under hypnosis. Ive been using recordings Ive found on the internet but so far no luck, I am about to just pork over the money and hire a professional. Has anyone had any luck with this? 
Can you please send me the link to the hypnosis I like to try it see if I experience pregnancy and birth, Thank you
I've never had that much luck with hypnosis, but I've also never put in that much work at making it work either.

There are a few option on that vary from 1hr quick pregnancy, full 9 month simulations, and even always pregnant curses. I would suggest just searching the files on there to see what sounds good to you.
georgejorge is right, I found most of the files on, I havent had much luck either, Ive been doing more research on my free time about how to fall deeper into trance, Ive had good and bad days but feel as if I am getting close to falling completely under. If anyone has any luck let me know! =)
So far I have no luck maybe it's for weaker minds I don't know I am going to keep on trying
Im taking some time this week and do some research on how to fall deeper into trance. hopefully that will help
I've been to that website and used their files before, but with no luck. Then again, professional hypnotists (well, performance ones) have tried to hypnotize me before too and it didn't work, so my experience isn't so much a knock on hypnotism as it is a testament that it doesn't work on all people. I would love it if it did though.
Kilix stockpiled 3!
(02-03-2015, 01:44 AM)Babybumpboy Wrote:  Im taking some time this week and do some research on how to fall deeper into trance. hopefully that will help

I know that you wrote a long while ago. But, who knows, this may be helpful for you and other people with the same interest.

I had huge difficulty to fall into trance, as well. The best advice I can give is that you need to "just" relax. Like, do your best not to care and/or worry about anything.

After you found a quiet place and made time with nothing to bother you, just lay there while listening to the words. Don't worry about catching all the words, whether the image you're thinking of is good, anything. Above all, avoid questioning yourself whether you're "already" in trance.

Just let yourself relax, like some sort of meditation. Whatever comes into your mind, let it flourish. If you feel horny, good, but if you don't, there's no problem either. Just let your mind keep doing whatever it'll eventually starts to.

Achieving a good trance will take some practice, of course. But doing it that way allows you to make the whole experience fun and even energizing, instead of feeling like a burden and frustrating yourself.

Best of luck!
I can't seem to find any birth files for men, can someone send a link?
can anyone give a longer description of the sound clip before I spend money on it? I'm totally willing to, but I just want to make sure it's what I want.

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