Closed Unexpected friendship w/jrcash
Name: Jared Spencer
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Looks: tall and muscular, green eyes and dark hair. He love to smile and is a carefree person in general
Other: work as a writer, sell enough books for a living. Sometimes fools around, sucks at long term relationship. Parents divorced leaving him fearing commitment.

Jared was struggling with the latest deadline. He had promised his editor that he would ger at least one more.chapter out by the end of this week yet he was still faced with a blank word document. Just when he was about to howl with frustrstion, he heard his doorbell rang. No one should be visiting him this morning, he felt quite strange and tried hard to remember if he had ordered anything recently. Opening the door, he was surprised to see his visitor.
Name : Jimmy
Age: 27
Looks : 6 ft skinny, black hair and trimmed beard. Wears glasses kind of nerdy and shy.
other: keeps to himself goes out to bars on rare occasions not great at relationships or commitments fools around every now and then.
Jimmy saw the surprised look on Jareds face and wondered how he would tell this impossible news to him. " may I please come in, we may need to talk."
"Well sure. Erm Jimmy right? Sorry. It had been what, a month? 2 months?" To say he was surprised was an understatement. He honestly didnt expect to see this guy again after their one night stand. Thats why one night stands are named like thay!
(09-30-2016, 03:22 PM)bhdire8 Wrote:  "Well sure. Erm Jimmy right? Sorry. It had been what, a month? 2 months?" To say he was surprised was an understatement. He honestly didnt expect to see this guy again after their one night stand. Thats why one night stands are named like thay!

"Yeah it's been about 12 weeks." Jimmy responded as we went to sit on Jareds couch. " I'm not quite sure how to say this, it may sound a bit weird or even impossible." Jimmy was fumbling over his words trying to figure out how to give the news to Jared. After several seconds Jimmy began to explain " After our one night stand a few weeks went by and I began to start getting every morning. I was getting sick at home, work, even once in front of the grocery store. I just kind of shrugged it off at first thought it might be the flu . After about the fifth week though I noticed I have been hungry alot more and most of my jeans were getting too tight. So on top of the sickness and cravings and weight gain my sister, jokingly mind you, told me to take her pregnancy test she kept in her bathroom. After taking it we were both surprised to find that..... well....ummm..... I'm pregnant."
"What?" Jared was very shocked. His mind went blank for a few seconds at this. Male pregnancy had been a recent phenomenon, they are at a minority and some still frown at pregnant men, laughing at them saying this was karma of fooling around. He almost dropped sit on the coach and stuttered "are you sure that's mine? I mean.... like 12 weeks was pretty far along and you aren't showing that much.... are you sure?" Once he said that out loud he knew he sounded cruel, but thats the only thing he could think of now.
" of course it's yours." Jimmy said " your the only guy I have been with I brought this picture from the ultrasound I went to last week to show you proof." Jimmy laid the picture on the table. Jimmy then began to run his slightly protruding belly worried that Jared would not want any part of him or there babies life.
The picture was just a mess of darkness to Jared. He scratched his stubble a bit and asked unsurely "err... am I suppose to know how to look at this.. picture? I couldn't distinguish anything really." He was starting to calm down a bit from his freak out, but he was still in too much of a shock to consider how he was going to react to this unexpected parenthood.
" see that oval there that's the fetus." Jimmy began to point out "I promise it's your child." Jimmy began to tear up. " I hope you will help raise our child, I will need your help especially with this pregnancy. I'm sick and hungry all the time, and I'm gaining weight like crazy." Jimmy pointed to his slightly bulging stomach. " Please Jared I'm begging you help us." Jimmy began to cry again.
Jared was a softhearted man and he couldn't quite let Jimmy just weep with him being so vulnerable at this moment. He gathered Jimmy in his arms, feeling his tears soaking through his shirt rapidly. He soothingly rubbed his back and said "alright we would face this together. You would not be alone in this. I am the other parent and we shared the responsibility in this. Now please don't cry babe."
Turning to look at the ultrasound again, he began to distinguish the shape of a tiny baby. Basically just a large head though. He suddenly got the urge to touch it, tentatively he asked "can I… touch it....?"
"Sure I'm only just under 4 months along so he or she is still developing." Jimmy lifted up his shirt exposing his once thin body now showing a bulging belly trying to stay in the tight jeans he was wearing. " thank you for helping Jared I want our baby to know both its parents."
Gently placing his hand on the bulge that become quite prominent as the shirt was lifted, Jared felt the amazing sense of continuity. "So.... this is our child. .. did the doctor said anything? Are their any special needs that you would need? Vitamins?" He considered and offered, albeit alittle awkwardly "actually... i got a spare room here...."
"That would be great with extra cost of the baby I won't be able to afford my place." Jimmy said " Would you be able to come over and help me move I can't really do alot of heavy lifting right now I don't have much just a studio apartment."I could be moved in by the end of the week."
"Sure. Do you want me to come over and help you pack?" He offered, not wanting Jimmy to strain himself in anyway. "Err what do you as a living really? I am a writer so basically I work from home all the time. I could come over when you are off work, my tschedule is flexible."
"I work from home I'm a graphic designer I make billboard designs for companies. " Jimmy explained " can you stop by tomorrow ?we could move out then." Jimmy asked relieved jared was being so reasonable and caring.
"Yes let's do it tomorrow. Do you have to deal with the landlord if u are leaving early?" Jared offered. He finally released his hand from the belly. "Sorry, i should have offered you something to drink. Let me get it for you." Still in a little shock, he excused himself to the kitchen, needjng a bit of time to let all these sink in.
" I'm not thirsty thanks." Jimmy said " I will take some Twinkies if you have any, sorry I just been really craving those lately. As for the landlord I pay by monthly so I don't really need to leave a notice it should be fine."
"Ah ya i guess I could a box somewhere in my cupboard. Just... wait here I will br right back. Feel free to look around... this would also be your place afterall, at least fkr the next couple of months." Jared almost escaped to the kitchen aftee that.
Jimmy start walking around the living room when Jimmy hears something fall on the floor. He looked down and saw one of the middle buttons on his shirt popped off. " Oh man! " Jimmy said" that was my favorite shirt too, I'm so embarrassed." Jimmy said looking at Jared coming back from the kitchen. Jimmys belly button showing through the loose part of his shirt now where the button use to be. " I have been meaning to buy bigger clothes I just been short on money recently." Jimmy tried to explain.
The popped bellybutton looked strangely erotic through the clothes. He saw the embarrassment of Jimmy and offered "well i do have a few spare shirts that you should fit. I could lend you them before we go shopping for suitable clothes, maybe later together in the nearby shopping centre. We would need to get ourselves some pbaby products too." Handing him the Twinkies, he sat down beside him. "You might as well loosen the remaining buttons, they seemed quite strained too...."

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