M2F impregnation eBook: He's Cursed to Become a Pregnant Girl: A Novella

Hello folks! I'm new to the forum and still figuring some things out. Is this board only for stuff about impregnated male-bodied men? If some of you are interested in stories about men transformed into pregnant women, I've got several eBooks you may enjoy.

I've just published my latest eBook, a kinky story of transgender transformation and impregnation called He's Cursed to Become a Pregnant Girl: A Novella. The summary from Amazon is below:

When Hank cheats on his fiancee, she exacts revenge with a magic curse that transforms him into a beautiful young woman with an overwhelming craving to get pregnant immediately. If Hank can resist men for 24 hours, he'll change back into himself. But if he makes love to a man, even once, he'll become pregnant and be stuck as a woman (and a mommy) for life!

Mindi Flyth's new novella is an erotic, supernatural tale of transgender transformation, following Hank as he struggles to fight his growing need to get knocked up. You'll share his excitement and terror as his urge to become impregnated grows stronger and he slowly loses control of his sexy and fertile new body. The next 24 hours will decide if Hank will be a man... or a mommy.

This original novella features adult themes and language. 20,000+ words. Keywords: Transgender, pregnancy, impregnation, male to female, man to woman, magic, impregnated, changed into a pregnant girl.

CLICK HERE to read He's Cursed to Become a Pregnant Girl: A Novella.

If you enjoy this book, find more of Mindi Flyth's stories and short films (many featuring male-to-female transformations and impregnations) at Mindiflyth.blogspot.com.
Check out my sexy transformation eBooks and free videos at Mindiflyth.blogspot.com!
Awesome! Thank you for sharing this! I'm looking forward to reading the novella Smile
While this site is primarily dedicated to male(-bodied) pregnancy, all forms of related pregnancy is alright, however, since your e-books are about a female-bodied pregnancy, this thread is better suited for the fpreg board.

So I'll just move it there for you. Smile
We're all members of one human family! ^_^
One great big, loving, dysfunctional family. -_-;

Human Family Tree
OK, thanks!
Check out my sexy transformation eBooks and free videos at Mindiflyth.blogspot.com!

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