New eBook: MOMMYFIED: TRANSGENDER PREGNANCY TALES (Based on my hit Youtube videos!)
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Hello again! I'm very pleased to announce my new book Mommyfied: Transgender Pregnancy Tales, inspired by my popular Youtube videos Mommyfied: The Pregnancy Plague and The Town of Pregnant Women. (Please note that this book features transgender transformation and impregnation, so the characters are men who transform into pregnant women but there's no male pregnancy in the "mpreg" sense.) Here's the Amazon info:

Warning: Mindi Flyth's new book is so twisted and sexy, it just might make you pregnant!

Flyth's hit Youtube videos Mommyfied: The Pregnancy Plague and The Town of Pregnant Women are about men who find themselves knocked up, suddenly transformed into girls with big, bulging bellies. Now Flyth has expanded these stories in her new book Mommyfied: Two Tales of Pregnant Men.

The first story, Mommyfied: The Pregnancy Plague, is a bizarre yet sweet sci-fi fantasy. One morning in Paris, Louis wakes up to discover that he's become a pregnant woman and his girlfriend Elise and their friends Maggie and Eddie are mysteriously pregnant too. Now they're all coping with their new bodies as they struggle to figure out what happened, and what happens next.

The Town of Pregnant Women follows four wild party boys as they journey to Lucina, a dusty border town they've heard is full of "hot mamas." They arrive to find the town is entirely populated by gorgeous pregnant women, and no men. Is Lucina some strange, sexy dream? Or is it a nightmare?

Flyth is the acclaimed author of such books as He's Stuck as a Schoolgirl: A Novel of Transgender Sugar and Spice, The Man Who Became 1000 Bimbos and The Unbirthing. Her Youtube videos have had more than a million views, and now she's adapted two of her most popular clips into this thrilling new book.

CLICK HERE to read Mommyfied: Transgender Pregnancy Tales.

This book features adult language and situations and is intended for mature readers. 24,000+ words including an afterword by the author.

If you'd like to see the original films, both are available to view for free on my website.

NOTE: This book was previous titled Mommyfied: Two Tales of Pregnant Men but I realized that sounded like an MPREG story instead of a transgender pregnancy story, so I changed it.
Check out my sexy transformation eBooks at!
Don't miss the book's new promo clip, featuring plenty of sexy man-to-pregnant-woman transformations!

Check out my sexy transformation eBooks at!

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