Her Magic Will Change Him into a Pregnant Woman - new eBook title
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Hello again! A few months ago I posted a thread here to announce a novella called He's Cursed to Become a Pregnant Girl. I'm posting now because I had to change the title, do a little re-writing and republish, and the book is now available as Her Magic Will Change Him into a Pregnant Woman: A Novella. I wanted to announce the book for those who weren't aware of it before while also making sure that readers who bought the book under the previous title will know that this isn't an all-new book from me.

I'm changing things and republishing the book because Amazon has a policy where, if they deem a book too "adult", they place it in a special category and it gets buried in the search results. (Note that this is not the same as a book being categorized as erotica. The "adult" category is its own deal.) This book was only slightly more smutty than most of my other books, but it was banished to the "adult" grotto so the only way people could find it on Amazon was by knowing the title already and specifically searching for it. So I've changed some minor things and replaced some of the naughty words with words that are still naughty but not quite as naughty. The book is still plenty naughty, though.

Here's the promo copy from Amazon:

When Hank cheats on his fiancee, she casts a spell that transforms him into a gorgeous young woman with an irresistible urge to become pregnant immediately. If Hank can resist men for 24 hours, he'll become himself again. But if he makes love to a man, even once, he'll get pregnant and be stuck as a woman (and a mommy) for life.

Mindi Flyth's novella Her Magic Will Change Him into a Pregnant Woman is a sexy, supernatural tale of transgender transformation, taking us along with Hank as he struggles to fight his growing desperation to be impregnated. You'll share his excitement and horror as his need to get knocked up gets stronger and he slowly loses control of his feminine, fertile new body. Will Hank be a man, or a mommy?

This original novella features adult themes and language. 20,000+ words. Keywords: Transgender, pregnancy, impregnation, male to female, man to woman, magic, sexual orientation reversal, impregnated, changed into a pregnant girl.

If you enjoy this book, find more of Mindi Flyth's stories and short films at Mindiflyth.blogspot.com.
Check out my sexy transformation eBooks and free videos at Mindiflyth.blogspot.com!

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