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Two day simulation extravaganza! (5th-7th June)
I have an announcement to make, fellow Mpreggers... I know I've been promising this for almost two months but finally, it's official!

Just to let you know that I'll be able to have a full two-day Mpreg simulation/belly expansion session between 5th and 7th June. 

Cutting a long story short, I don't live alone. I live with two other people and therefore it's extremely difficult to find time alone in which I can actually simulate pregnancy. Infact, I can probably count on one hand in any given year where I have guaranteed 'alone time' - and that might only be during a morning, afternoon or evening for a few hours. Anyway, these two people have booked to go away over the 5th and 6th June - therefore I'll be alone from around lunchtime on the 5th through to at least lunchtime on the 7th. They're going away to a place which is about a three hour drive from where we live. 

So after securing a few days off work, here's the initial ‘plan of action’.

Sunday 5th June - They'll likely leave the house at around 11am. There's a few chores that I need to get done after they leave so I know I won't be simulating straight away. I'd rather get them done and out of the way so I know I'm 'all clear' to do as I please afterwards. I suspect these chores will be all done and dusted by no later than 2/3pm. 

So, from around mid afternoon onwards I'll be able to simulate right through until the early hours. Obviously I'll probably take a few breaks for something to eat, a shower e.t.c. 

Monday 6th June - Given I plan to stay up late the previous day, I think I probably won't be up until about 9/10am. After breakfast, I'll be straight into simulation and again, barring occasional breaks for something to eat or watching something on TV, there's no reason why I can't simulate through to late(ish) afternoon. 

There could be a problem on Monday evening though... Undecided  There's a small chance I could end up having visitors that I'm trying to persuade not to come round (they already know I'll be alone - but they live 10 miles away). I'll likely come up with some rubbish excuse to fob them off. The worse case scenario is that Monday evening from around 5-9pm could be a write off and I'll only get to simulate after that... I'd probably have to stop at about 4:45pm to tidy up and then spend about half an hour tidying up after they've gone but again, this only has a relatively chance of happening. 

If they come round, I'll be simulating from Monday mid-morning through to around 4:45pm. I'll then likely to proceed again from about 9:30pm. I'll probably be too tired to go into the early hours again but I'll be happy if I can get through towards midnight.

If they don't come round, barring taking occasional breaks, Monday will be a 'big day' of simulation from mid-morning right the way through to the early hours of Tuesday morning! Big Grin  It won't be a non-stop session or anything like that. I'm talking about a few hours of simulating, stopping for half an hour or so and then going at it again... That sort of thing...

Tuesday 7th June - I'll try and get up early as I can as I know I'll need to stop simulating by about 11am(ish) when I know I'll have an hour or so to tidy up the house and make sure there's no evidence left lying around. It all depends on when these two people call to say they're leaving and on their way back (they will do that...). As I said, they're staying about three hours away so I know I'll have a good two hour simulation session after that initial call before I'll need to stop. 

Why am I telling you all this?

I plan on taking plenty of pictures and video clips on my mobile phone. The best bits I will happily share with you Smile . One of the benefits of being 'Home Alone' simulating is that I can spend some time setting up the camera property, getting the angle right and utilising various objects from around the place to get the height correct e.t.c. I can try and improve the lighting by setting up table laps on the floor... I can't do any of this when there's anyone else in the house or when I'm very limited on time. 


Simulation plans/proposals:

Bare belly push-outs in a variety of scenes/situations around the house (I'm open to suggestions - please feel free to comment, that's why I'm making this thread!). Lying on my back, sitting up in chairs, walking around from room to room (done this in one of my previous videos - and it was a lot of fun), maybe rolling around in false-pain with my belly pushed out... Maybe a bare belly scene coming out of the shower - obviously with a towel around my lower waist. I think more than half of my time over these two days will be spent doing this. I'm thinking of coming up with some sort of story with captions added to the short videos I plan to record. 

Faux pregnant belly simulation using a few carefully shaped cushions from around the house. As above, probably in various situations and positions. I will be making a false popped-out belly button on Saturday 4th June - the day prior to these two days. In theory, it should be dry (I mould wet toilet tissue inside my own navel) and ready to use by the simulation sessions. Again, I'm always open to suggestions, so please feel free to comment.  

One thing that I'm not really into is birth scenes. They're not really my thing, sorry. I'll happily give it a try don't get me wrong, but it won't be something I'll be spending too much time on. I do have a couple of short scenes already in mind... 

There will not be any outdoor scenes. Our rear garden is sadly overlooked. I might possibly simulate in the garage as that's private enough... I keep a cross trainer in there. Maybe a bare belly push-out scene whilst using the cross trainer?!


So there we are...! Now that I know it's going ahead, I can start to plan what I can do to get the most out of this time. If any 'seasoned simulators' out there can come up with any requests/suggestions of their own for me to try and possibly video/photograph, please feel free to post below and I'll happily consider them. There's plenty of time to reply to this thread. 10 weeks, actually! 

As the weeks go by leading up to this, I'll probably go into further detail with my own simulation proposals. What I mention above is just to basically 'get the ball rolling' as such...
This sounds awesome! It really sucks that you have to go so long in between simulation sessions, but it sounds like you're going to compensate for lack of quantity with quality. Keep us updated on this; if any suggestions pop into my mind, I'll send them your way. Smile
Indeed - quality over quantity! I've got no other choice, really! I have actually done another video since I announced this, but it wasn't one of my best efforts as I literally only had about 20 minutes spare time... I haven't even shared it on here (not yet, at least...)

So, were down to five weeks until this two day session begins! I just wanted to do an update post on this to assure fellow Mpreggers that this is still 'on' and that I haven't forgotten. I really can't wait to get going with this...!

Initial preparations are already being put into place. As I said in my opining post, the 'fake' popped out belly button will be done the previous day (4th June) as it's something I can create and hide safely without anyone knowing. Since my opening post, I've managed to acquire some spare sellotape which will help me position t-shirts to help them look shorter e.t.c (something I never had enough time to do properly) which I currently have stashed away. I also have some plain sticky labels which I have a plan for. It may not work for what I have in mind, but at least I'll have the time to try...! I also have plenty of blue-tac to hold my iPhone in place.

So, has any of my initial plans as posted in the opening post changed? No, not really. I could still copy and paste much of what I've already said. There's only been tweaks and it's mainly with timing: 

On Sunday 5th June - I doubt I'll be getting the house to myself until gone noon/12pm. I presumed I would have the house to myself from late morning at the latest, but this doesn't seem likely now, I'm sorry to say Confused . It won't make a huge difference on the grand scale of things, but with the tasks I have ready for me to do when they leave, it'll likely be somewhere around 4pm before I can get simulating, rather than mid-afternoon as I anticipated. So, an hour or two lost...meh... 

On Monday 6th June - a 'copy and paste' job of what I've already said. Nothing so far has changed. 

On Tuesday 7th June - Yep... I'll definitely need to stop simulating by mid to late morning as they've recently said they'll be heading straight back home after breakfast. I know one of them gets up pretty early also, so I bet they'll be back home by lunchtime... Again, to try and compensate for this, I'll do my upmost to get up early as possible myself. I think I might be pushing it to finish at 11am to be honest... I think somewhere not much after 10am would be wiser, but I'll have to wait and see what time they call to say they're setting off for home. I won't know this until the day. 

Simulation plans/proposals:

Right, I think I have a rough 'plan of action' now. Obviously this is still subject to change and things could be swapped around depending on how I feel at the time but I think this is how it'll broadly pan out if things remain the same:

Sunday 5th June ('Everything in place' day) - Once, I've finished my tasks I'll need to shave my belly. It's pointless doing it much earlier for obvious reasons and I would run the risk of being caught. I'd rather take out ten minutes of this 'alone' time and do it properly, in privacy. 

I will then start shifting certain pieces of furniture around and moving lighting to try and create the best possible effects. It'll mainly be so I can position my iPhone at better heights and angles. 

Heading into the evening, I will begin simulating. One idea I have in mind is some sort of silent roleplay of discovering I'm 'pregnant', going to 'hospital' (one room in the house, of course!) and finding a 'Maternity Section' (hence some of the reason why I have those sticky labels to stick to closed doors e.t.c!). It might be terrible and not work at all, but I'm willing to give it a shot. So until now, no actual pushing out of my belly to begin with... I will likely take a break here for something to eat/drink. Then, moving onto a situation of several months later, wearing the same clothes, going back to the 'Maternity Section' with my belly pushed out... I think you get my drift...!  Wink

I'll probably have time left over for some basic 'push belly out' simulation with no actual theme in mind. I've yet to decide what to actually do. I probably won't until the day.

Monday 6th June ('Messy’ Day' - 'The Big One') - I strongly suspect most footage I take/record to share with you all will be done on this day. 

There will be lots of bare belly simulation, with the 'shortening' of clothes, wandering around the place with my belly pushed out and in numerous situations, from numerous angles. My aim is to do something in most rooms and this is where I want to do something a bit different in the bathroom (and/or shower). Again, other than what I suggested in my opening post, I'm not 100% decided on what yet.  

Maybe a bit of belly button play thrown in, somewhere along the lines...?

I'll finish the day by starting to tidy up, putting things back where they were (unless there's something I still need to do or suddenly have an idea for), disposing of any sellotape/sticky labels used. If the worst comes to the worst happens and I do end up having visitors in the evening (who don't really know the house or what it's normally like), I can just have a quick tidy up and dispose of the obvious evidence before-hand. Again, the likelihood of this happening though is fairly slim. 

Tuesday 7th June ('Clean' Day) - First thing first! I need to tidy up anything that's not been put back into place the previous day! Then it'll be onto the fake belly/cushion simulation. This is where I'll probably have a go at birth simulation but again, it's something I don't want to spend much time doing. It's not really my 'thing'.

Basically any simulation that doesn't involve shifting of furniture or using any other household appliance other than the likes of cushions which are easily puffed up and replaced. With this in mind, I can literally simulate until a matter of minutes before they'd return to the house. Oh yes, flush away my 'fake' popped out belly button also...! 

I suspect all footage I take will need to be checked over to make sure I'm happy with it (i.e - privacy), then it's a case of uploading the decent material and editing it ready to share. I'd give it at least a couple of days after this 'extravaganza' before I'll be sharing it because I'm back at work for the rest of that week. 

So, there's an update! Again, if anyone has any requests or any suggestions for me, please by all means bring them forward and post below. You still have plenty of time to comment...! 

I suspect I'll make at least one more post on this before it goes ahead. 
This sounds totally incredible, and I can't wait to see the results!!! Maybe someday I might try to do something like this.
You absolutely must sleep pregnant. I've only done it once when I had the house to myself but waking up pregnant was one of the best bits of the whole simulation thing because it felt so real - especially if you can make the belly a bit heavy and uncomfortable. You'll definitely be able to get to sleep especially after a few drinks!!

That's my tips - also think about a tens machine and even a butt plug!

Water balloons work better then pillows. They can be quickly popped in the bathtub, and the remains buried in the trash. Or leave them whole because it will be June and water balloons are appropriate for summer play.
Well, one week to go...! The last few weeks have flown by (thankfully!).

Many thanks for your suggestions: 

A butt plug wouldn't be suitable for me. I suffer from Colitis (a bowel condition) and doing anything untoward usually upsets me - so whilst it's certainly an idea open for other people, it's not one for me I'm sorry to say. Thanks for thinking about it though. 

With regards to sleeping 'pregnant' - oh yes!  Smile I never thought of that and it's certainly something I could consider doing either on the Sunday or Monday night! I do actually have two pale cream pillows which are quite thin (due to their age) and I've used them before in my previous videos/pictures to simulate a heavily pregnant belly. I was actually surprised at how well it worked as they're fairly soft and can be adjusted easily. I was planning to use them anyway in my 'third trimester' simulation stage but yes, I will certainly give sleeping with it in place a try. No problem! It's given me an idea actually - lie in bed and do a POV/downshot view. I'll happily implement both into the plans. 

Balloons is another idea, yes. We don't have any in the house and I'd have to nip around to our local supermarket on Sunday afternoon once I'm alone. It'll cost me about half an hour in time, though. I'll certainly consider this and I already have an idea with regards to water and bathtubs/showers...!  Big Grin

Other than that, I'm still open to suggestions and you all still have another week to come up with any ideas if you wish. I'm still contemplating a short simulation in the garage, but the lighting is poor and I know the quality wouldn't be up to much... I think this is what's putting me off and I don't want neighbours looking out the windows seeing me walk to the garage carrying cushions, if you get my drift! So, I'm still 50/50 on this idea.

In the meantime I've come up with another idea that could possibly work. I don’t want to say too much but I’ve found a short soundbite on YouTube (obviously pregnancy related) that, out of sight, I could play through my laptop speakers whilst simulating one particular scene I have in mind. I think it'll fit in quite well. I'm also considering using a 'text to speech' website for another idea, but I know it'll likely sound a little too artificial. I want to give it a try, though. 

Other than that, things are the same as in my last post. I'll probably be free to simulate getting on from late afternoon next Sunday. I know one person in the house doesn't really want to go away for those few days, so I suspect 'heels will be dragged' when it comes to departure. I will try my best to encourage them to leave earlier than noon but I'll say here and now that the chances of this happening is pretty much zero. Bearing in mind I have a few pieces of furniture to shift and getting camera angles 'just so', I suspect it'll be into the evening before anything worthwhile sharing with the Mpreg community will be filmed. 

Monday is the 'biggie' for me and the possibility of being disturbed in the evening (around 5pm-9pm) is still a distinct possibility. I'm still talking my way out of this one I'm sorry to say  Sad . The people who wanted to come round brought it up again only last week... The worst case scenario is that I'll still have from whenever I get up on Monday through to late afternoon to simulate. I'm confident I can do what I need to do in that time anyway - it's just that I'd rather have the whole day and evening undisturbed. 

As in my last post, I'm fairly convinced that Tuesday morning's session will be only a short one. With what I've been hearing, I will be surprised if the fellow house members going away are not back here in the house by lunchtime, so it's going to have to be either an early start or I could literally only have 90 minutes or so of simulation before having to stop to properly straighten up the rooms I've been simulating in. 

So, this coming Saturday (4th June), I'll be preparing the fake popped-out belly button. I can do this without anyone knowing - no problem. It should be dry by Sunday morning. Sunday (PM) will be mainly preparation work with some simulation. Monday daytime is definitely going to be 'the big one' with regards to long bare belly push-out scenes and my new simulation ideas and Tuesday (AM) will be probably cushion simulation and tidying up.

I only have one genuinely worrying thing on my mind since my initial announcement though. The above possibility of disturbance on Monday evening would just be an annoyance more than anything. So, what's worrying me? I know I've lost approximately half a stone in weight since my 'BB2' video on my last simulation session. However, I can still get my belly to stick out fairly big if I eat a good meal!

I'm not sure if I'll post another update on this before the event unless there's any drastic changes. However, I will be checking by over the coming days to see if anyone comes up with further suggestions. 
Wow, where did the time go? The big day is almost here! I'm so excited!
(06-01-2016, 09:05 PM)TheBoyWithTheBelly Wrote:  Wow, where did the time go? The big day is almost here! I'm so excited!

I know, crazy isn't it! Time dragged when I first announced this, but the last few weeks really have flown by. 

Well, it's the 'day before' the event! Words cannot describe how excited I am at the moment. It's Saturday evening where I am, here in the UK. So as I'm typing this, I have the wet toilet tissue pressed into my belly button, to form a 'paper mache'-like mould of my belly button. Completely discreet and under my t-shirt as I lie here on my laptop typing this final post before the 'extravaganza' Wink . I think it's a little too wet to be honest (easier to mould correctly but takes forever to dry) but given it won't be in use for at least another 18 hours, it should be fine. 

Okay, some good news in what's been a worrying final few weeks. It's now highly unlikely I'll be getting interrupted on Monday evening. It's not a 'dead cert' by any means but I'm confident that I've provided enough discouragement. The worse case scenario for me would be to merely make sure the blinds are drawn at the front of the house at around 5:30pm (ish) and simply not answer the door. I've already thought up of an excuse if they turn up, see my car on the driveway (too big to fit into the 1960's garage, sadly) and I don't answer the door... I'll just have to remember to turn my mobile phone onto silent and make sure there's no other noise in the house (TV, radio) if I see anyone approach. 

Some more good news...! One of the tasks that was 'penciled in' for me on Sunday afternoon I've managed to get largely done last night thanks to finding some spare time. I've still got a few other bits and pieces to do but the bulk of what time I thought I'd lose won't be the case and I've saved myself at least an hour. With the people in the house only this morning announcing that they want to be gone by 11:30-noon tomorrow - unless there's any unforeseen circumstances, I can't really see any reason why I won’t be ready to begin simulating (or at least preparing) by 2pm. Probably a little earlier. Again, it all depends on when they leave. Whatever time they leave, I think I've got about two hours worth of work to do before any sort of simulation preparation/simulation.

The only worry I have is what I mentioned in my last post. I know for a fact I've lost weight since my last set of videos and pictures - so I sincerely hope you won’t be disappointed (especially after all this wait) with my footage if my belly is slightly reduced in size. I will try my upmost to make it as large as possible but I might have to resort to closer-angle shots for better effects. We'll just have to wait and see...

Obviously I'll need to check over what footage I record and pictures I take for privacy purposes and whatever recordings are okay will need uploading and editing to make them 'neater' to watch. I suspect you should start seeing the results by next weekend. 

So, that's it...! I'm near enough set and ready to go...! Most of Sunday afternoon through to Tuesday mid-morning (at least) I'll be on my own to simulate. Never before have I been totally alone for this length of time and I fully intend on utilising the time the best I possibly can not only to Mpreg, but to the pregnancy/belly inflation fetish in general.  Big Grin
It's awesome to think that all of this is going on as we speak. Good luck! I can't wait to see the results. Big Grin

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