The Mpreg Birthing Center
((This is the first time I'm starting an open RP, so please bear with me on this.))

The Mpreg Birthing Center: a calm place where pregnant men can bring their children into the world in the way they choose.

We'll need midwives, assistants and of course, patients. Wink

((I'd also prefer human babies. Please no animals or eggs. Multiples are fine, but please be realistic.))

(If Patient) How many children:
Delivery Plan:


Name: Dr. Elisa Sage

Age: 26

Midwife/Assistant/Patient: Head Midwife

Description: A young midwife, five years out of school and founder of the Center, which she decided to found for the sake her husband, Rory, when he became pregnant with their first child. They already have a young daughter named Josie, who is 4, and he's 3 weeks from his due date with their second child. She's petite, with short brown hair and blue eyes.

(If Patient) How many children: N/A

Delivery Plan: N/A


Letting out a satisfied sigh, Elisa plopped herself down into a chair behind the desk with the other nurses. The baby boy she had delivered only an hour ago was perfectly healthy and resting comfortably with its parents and she was ready to rest herself for a few moments before her next patient comes in, whoever he may be.

Her eyes caught sight of the picture she had of her husband and daughter and she smiled. It wouldn't be long before she'd be here with him as a patient.
Hey sounds fun, I join.

Name: James Black
Age: 24
Midwife/Assistant/Patient: Patient
Description: James Black was normal young man, having just got out of college, when he found himself pregnant after a one night stand. Now James just wanted to have his children and love them no matter what. He's tall, broad shouldered with shoulder length hair and green eyes.
(If Patient) How many children: one boy 10 lbs.
Delivery Plan: Waterbirth

James had been getting contractions throughout the morning and hadn't decided to leave for the birthing center until he was sure it was the real thing. He realized it was when he felt a huge relief of water burst knowing it was his water having just broke. Changing pants as quick as he could, James got into his car driving to the birthing center. James knew he should head to the hospital because of his son's size, but had been set on a soothing waterbirth at the birthing center. Parking his car, James had to take deep breaths as another contraction hit, this one stronger and closer from his last. Getting out James entered the center holding his stomach going up to the first nurse at the desk.

"Excuse me...I'm in labor. My name is James Black...." James smiled rubbing his stomach feeling his son very active and ready to come out.

Name:Matthew Siri
Age: 19
Midwife/Assistant/Patient: Patient
Description: i was rape by a group of people in the pub and was kick out of the house
(If Patient) How many children: 4 babies
Delivery Plan: bed


i walk into the birth center rub my huge belly that hanging so low now. had been getting contractions since last night. my water hasnt broke yet my contractions about 15 minutes apart

"Excuse me I'm in labor. My name is Matthew Siri..." i use both hand to support my huge belly
Seeing the two men making their way towards the desk, Elisa let out a breath. Time to get back to work.

"I've been expecting you two." she said with a smile as she quickly pulled up James and Matthew's files on the computer. Since Matthew's contractions were 15 minutes apart and he still seemed to be in early labor, she settled him in to one of the suites and said that she or another nurse would be in to check his progress soon.

That done, her attention turned to James. He, on the other hand, seemed much closer to delivery and let out a groan from another contraction as Elisa helped him into a wheelchair.

"Let's get you checked and see how far you are." she said as she wheeled him down the hall to a suite where a birthing tub had been set up, per his request. "How far apart are your contractions?"

i relax i the room wait for someone to come and check me
Name: Lily Jone
Age: 23
Midwife/Assistant/Patient: Assistant delivery nurse
Description: She got her nursing degree a little earyly in life, starting to get college credits during her last couple of years in high school and finished up her nursing degree when she was 22, she was the youngest to graduate from college with her nursing degree. She has never had children herself but some of the paitents she's helped in the past through their difficult birth count her as a Godmother sending her invitations to birthdays and special holidays just so she can spend a little bit of time with the baby.
(If Patient) How many children: None
Delivery Plan: N/A

Lily had just clocked in onto her shift and went over to the board to find out what area she would be working at today and to see how many babies were born today with out. She found herself underneat Elisa's team today and went over to the nurses station to see if she was there.
When she got there Elisa wasn't there to be found. She must have been with a patient. I went over to the computers and check to see who had been logged in just recently. She found a guy named James how just came in and still needed to be checked on. I guess that was her first patient of today. Grabbing her clipboard she went over to James room.
Granting a Life.
I sat on the rocking chair and breathe as feel another contractions hit
James let out a sigh glad he was able to sit as Elisa was able to get him into a wheelchair. Although as she was helping him down into the wheelchair another contraction came over him causing him to groan. The nurse had asked him how far apart they were, as he had to wait for the contraction to stop first.

"I believe..they are 5 minutes apart and getting closer. My water broke before I came here." James rubbed his stomach as he was taken into a room to await for the nurse. Elisa had to go check on the other man so James sat there until he spoted another nurse coming in hoping she was the one to help him.
After getting James settled in, Elisa then went to check on her other patient Matthew, who was at the moment breathing through his latest contraction. She knelt down next to him, letting him squeeze her hand as he breathed and smiled a reassuring smile before asking him to get up on the bed so that his progress could be checked.

"You're a good 4 cm and the first baby's head down so you should be good for a natural delivery. You're contractions are still really far apart so I'd like you to try and walk around if you can. I need to get back to my other patient, but my assistant, Lily, and I will be checking in on you regularly."

She patted his leg reassuringly. "You're doing great" she smiled before leaving the room.
Walking back to James' room, she asked Lily to check on Matthew while she took charge of James.

"Alright Mr. Black," she said as she thumbed through his file. "You said your water's already broken and contractions are about 5 minutes apart. Let's get you checked and see how far along you are."

As he settled into bed, Elisa pulled on a pair of gloves and did a quick exam, noting his discomfort.

"You're about 7cm so it won't be much longer. If you'd like we can get the tub filled for you."
He groaned in hearing he was only at 7cms, but knew it wouldn't be long of how quick the contraction's were going to get soon. James nodded, "Yes please. Can you tell if the baby is head down?" James asked wanting to know since this baby was a big one.
"Oh yea. The baby's head down and low so you should make it through the last 3 centimeters really quick." She reassured him, seeing that he was disappointed that it wasn't time to deliver. In a few minutes, she had filled the tub and with great care, helped him to get in.

"Is there anything else we can do for you?" she asked as he settled into the warm water. "Anyone we can call?"
James let her help him down into the tub, loving how the warm water relaxed him almost right away. James looked up to her, shaking his head, "No thank you. This is all I needed, the warm water is relaxing. No there is no one to call, I'm on my own."
Elisa smiled as he relaxed, but slightly frowned when he said that he was doing this on his own.

"Oh... That's right." she said quietly, mentally kicking herself for forgetting him telling her his story on their previous visits; how he had been abandoned after a one-night stand but had decided to keep the baby anyway.

"Well for what it's worth," she said as she knelt down to him, taking his hand, "I think you're very brave. And you won't be all alone. We'll get you through this."
James smiled at Elisa as she took his hand, "Thank you, yes it is one reason I choose this place. I have always hated hospitals and never liked the stories I have heard. I don't care if the baby is going to be big, I want it done naturally...oohh."

James couldn't help but squeeze Elisa's hand as a contraction came over him. James remembered to breathe trying to figure if it had already been five minutes since his last contraction or was it sooner.
"Come on. Just take deep breaths, nice and easy." She cast a glance over to the clock; three minutes since the last contraction.

"They're getting closer." she smiled. "If you start feeling pressure, let me know and we'll check you again, ok?"

The contraction over, she got to her feet. "Would you like me to get you some ice chips or some water?"
James smiled at hearing they were getting closer, knowing it wouldn't be long until he brought his son into the world. "Some ice chips would be nice please."

James smiled at Elisa glad she was there keeping him calm. He knew if he had not made it there, it would have felt longer before the baby come. James rubbed his stomach, able to feel his son descending down making it's way to the opening that would bring him into this world.
"No problem." she smiled. "I'll be back in a minute. Just press this button if you need one of us." she said as she motioned to a nearby button on the wall.

Walking briskly down the hallway, she grabbed a cup and began filling it with ice chips; excited for the reality that there'd soon be another baby at the Center.
James nodded looking to see the button, before he let his body relax in the water. Looking around the room, James spotted the clock wondering how close the contraction's were. HIs question was answered to quick as James grabbed onto the edges of the tub, breathing in and out, feeling the contraction pushing his son farther and farther down. It was then James began feeling some pressure at his opening.

Before he was able to press the button to get Elisa or someone else, Elisa walked in the ice chip's in her hand, "I had another contraction, and I'm starting to feel a little pressure." James replied to her.
She smiled. "Okay. Let's just check and see what's going on down there." she said as she pulled on another pair of gloves.

Doing an exam, she smiled. "I told you those last 3 centimeters were going to go quick. There's just a little bit of lip left, but you might be able to push past it if you're feeling the urge to push. Let's check this little one's heart rate while we're here."

Pulling a fetal doppler from a drawer, she held it to his stomach and smiled as the sound of the baby's heartbeat filled the room. "Baby's handling labor just fine, so it's up to you. If you want to try pushing, you can. Or we can wait for that last bit of lip to get out of the way."

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