Clinc for Mpreg Births. (All Open but only one at a time during the birth)
*A man comes in with a huge belly filled with sextuplets and he sits down, face flushed and panting*
Furry mpreg is best mpreg!
"Well you'll have to once your body tells you to do so." *Karen instructed Mark*

*A nurse named June noticed someone coming in and she walked to the man who is hugely pregnant and she bends down to his level*

"How may I help you,sir?"
Mark groans in pain leaning on the bed "oh no it's coming I gotta push he grips the bed he squats down holding onto the bed
"It's going to be okay I'm not going to leave your side
A few hours later and James was recording that Austin was starting to feel the contractions coming closer 

"Now, guys" Austin explained, huffing after a quite painful contraction "as you can see, the contractions are coming closer and more painful. This is totally normal and is part of the birth process
 I am guessing that I must have dilated a few more centimeters, so as soon as I reach 10, I will be able to push"
“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.”
*Karen nodded looking in between his legs*

"Go ahead and push!"

*Monica got done timing his contractions. They were quite a few minutes apart and this was a good thing. She smiled down at the both men while silent because of the video recording. After it was done,it was her time to speak now*

"Speaking of which,I would have to check on you on how you are doing through times to see how you are doing. Including with how far along you are in between your legs. Would you mind if I were to check on you now?"
Mark groans in pain stops pushing "miss Karen my back hurts Mark leans on the bed
"It's going to be okay I'm not going to leave your side
Name:Louis Howard
Age: 23
Appearance: short black hair, with a short body with a bit of fat on his sides with glasses.
Number of child: quadruplet
how far along: 9 month , 2 week overdue
*Louis waddles in the hospital, he's been feeling sharp pains in his belly and fearing he might finally be in labor he preferred to check in before its too late. *
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