Alone (nsfw, first come first serve.)
Name: Ryne
Age: 19
Race: human
Description: small, thin, blue eyes, blonde hair, timid, nervous, quiet

In a world where dragons and other mythical beasts lived amongst humans, Ryne was in the gutters, trying to scrap up his next meal. Ryne was like many years before, always trying to survive the horrible streets and trying to find something to eat. But now, he had three extra mouths to feed. A few months ago, a dragon in a human guise impregnated him and left him back on the streets. Ever since then, Ryne had been working to the bone just to find some extra food for his three developing eggs. Suddenly, a black limousine pulled up and took Ryne away! He was blindfolded and tied up! What person would do this to an innocent?
(can I join this?)
(Sure but you will be a seeder
(male or female?)
(I was thinking male)
Name: Kevan
Age: 27
Race: dragon
Description: broad chested, hazel eyes, olive skin with raven hair. He is the "planner" type and before doing a move he really thinks about it, he seems fierce because of his complexion but he can also be very gentle.

"is this him?" Kevan asks disguised in the shadows of the expensive car. as two men sit Ryne down in the leather seat.
"yes sir, this is him" one of the men say a bit scared.
"he better be, or you should start looking for a new job," he said eyeing the human.

Kevan´s sight settles in Ryne studying him, wondering why his brother would impregnante a boy that was just another rat from the gutter.
Ryne gulped at the strangers who took him. "Who are you?! What do you want?! I didn't do anything!" He begged.
"Im Kevan," the dragon said "and I know you didn´t do anything, that would be my brother....the one that...gave you those eggs..." he said ashamed of what his brother had done. "I won´t harm you, so be calm, I just wanted to meet you" he said.
"What?! Your brother did this?! Why?! I don't want to be here!" Ryne stated.
"I don´t know why, that´s in part why I am here," Kevan says and orders the car to stop and the two humans open the door "then go, if you dont want to be here, " he says calmly.
Ryne was curious on why Kevan wanted him. He decided to stay, for the time being. "What do you want?" He asked.
"its my nephews or nieces you carry, I want to make sure you were doing fine," he said not liking to admit that his brother might not care of where his own children ended but Kevan could not sleep knowing that blood of his blood might be somewhere hungry thanks to his brother´s lack of responsability. was the first time a dragon of his clan mated and left a human pregnant, the children would be half dragon, half human, and he wasn´t sure how would that go.
"So it's the children you care about and not me? Of course. No one ever cared about me." Ryne said angrily but with a bit of sadness.
"I didn´t meant it like that, you are their father, you matter too," Kevan said and clears his throat "so will you come?" he asks as the car was still parked.
Ryne sighed and slid into his seat. "Okay. I'll go with you." He said before his stomach decided to add its two cents in, giving a loud growl in hunger. Ryne blushes brightly, covering his cheeks in embarrassment.
Kevan tries not to notice his stomach growling and makes a note to take the boy to eat as quickly as possible. "when was the last time you saw my brother?" he asked not really knowing how the two met or how far along Ryne was, it had taken him quite a while to trak him down in the gutters.
Ryne blushes brightly when he knew it would also involve his pregnancy. "Three months ago." He said as his belly already looked full term with the triplets he carried.
"if you don´t ming me brother forced you?" Kevan asked cringing at the thought, he wondered why he bothered in cleaning after his brother, yet seeing Ryne he knew why, the men and girls his brother left behind were scared, most times alone and with no was not fair...
Ryne teared up before slowly nodding. He could remember everything Kevan's brother did, everything he said. It still scared him to this day.
Kevan curses his brother. "Im sorry about that, brother, I don´t even know what to tell you," he said imagining saying you arent the first one he does this to, wont help at all. "I will look after you and your chidlren, my brother wont ever bother you anymore"

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