Closed Crawl out through the Fallout, baby (closed with NSAria)
Ever since the bombs dropped over 200 years ago, the world had become a hostile place. If the pockets of lasting radiation didn't cook you alive, any number of other dangers would eventually get you. From irradiated bugs and animals, to hulking mutations made by man, or even other people. Sure, civilizations have popped up. Villages, towns, even thriving cities dotted the wasteland. But everything in between was dangerous.

Tobias was a scavenger, going out to abandoned crumbling buildings to find anything of value. Dressed in dirty torn clothes and some improvised armor, he stalked through the crumbling remains of a hospital. He kept a small rifle ready, just in case he ran into any unfriendly inhabitants.

By his side was a mutt he had nursed back to health. A former raider hound, Tobias named him for his spiked collar. Spike was his first line of defense...sniffing ahead for any danger.

What Tobias didn't know was there was an old unopened Vault beneath the hospital. The holy grail for scavengers like him.
Charlie sat hunkered down in the hospital room that he had claimed as his own. His clothing was dirty and dusty like most everything in the wasteland, he actually came to the hospital to see if he could find any new clothes, he tried to help another settler who had been wounded by some bandits but unfortunately she died, but got his clothes covered in her blood. Instead he found safety, sort of.

He stands to stretch his legs and accidentally knocks over his ammo boxes, causing a riot of noise to echo through the abandoned hospital, "Shit Shit, sonofabitch!"
Tobias was just sneaking down the halls, glancing at signs to see where he might end up. Medicine was worth a lot, so were chems, so he figured he could find plenty here.

He froze when he heard all the noise, instinctively aiming his gun towards it. Spike growled, and when Tobias gave the signal, he stalked towards the sound. When the dog found its source, he barked and bristled, but didn't attack. He knew to wait for the signal, or if the person became hostile.

Tobias came running, stopping at the doorway with his gun aimed at the stranger. Seeing another scavenger wasn't unusual, but he could never be sure if they would attack him. "Who are you?" He asked, slightly muffled under a scarf he had around his lower face. Eyes obscured by goggles and hair covered by a ratty knit seemed he was the hostile one...
"What the hell? Who are you?" Charlies blonde hair was a mess and was mostly in his face when he looked up.

Upon seeing the weapon his empty hands shot up, "I don't want any trouble man, I was just hiding here for safety." he shuffles some food cans towards the stranger with his foot, "Here, take this, just don't hurt me."

His hands begin shaking, this is the first true hostile encounter he's had alone. His dirty blonde hair would obscure his eyes but they shine with fear.
Tobias held steady, weapon aimed to kill, watching this stranger for any wrong moves. Behind his goggles, sharp ice-blue eyes studied the man, following every move. This clearly wasn't the first time he'd done this.

He tensed slightly when the stranger started to nudge cans of food towards him, but as soon as he noticed the shaking, he lowered his gun. "Hey, I'm not looking to take your stuff. Just can't trust loud noises out here." He sighed.

He motioned for Spike to stand down, which the dog obeyed, sitting down and wagging his tail eagerly. Tobias then pulled his scarf down and lifted his goggles. He was young, early 20's, with obvious native american in his blood. But his eyes were an intense ice blue, giving him an intimidating gaze. The intimidating look was made stronger by the three long scars that ran across the left side of his face, just missing his eye...But there was still something friendly about him.

"You know it's dangerous to wander alone. I've got spike to keep me safe." He said, shaking his head.
His eyes fall for just a moment, "I had a robot, but a raider destroyed it." Tobias would notice computer and robot parts scattered around in the corner. "I'd rather not be alone, but I don't really have a choice now."

Once he realizes that Tobias isn't going to rob him he sits back down. "You hungry? I've got some extra food cans from the supermart a couple blocks over, I think I might even have something for your dog."

If Tobias moved further into the room he would notice an object that looks like a short sword but with a flat end leaning against the wall.
Tobias put his gun away as the other spoke, frowning as he glanced to the scattered robot parts. "I'm sorry. Could any of it be salvaged? I know some guys who work wonders with broken robots." He said, moving to inspect the remains.

He looked back over to the other, shrugging. "Spike might be hungry. Don't worry, he just looks tough." He said, giving a kind smile. "I'm Tobias." He said, offering his hand. He seemed quite gentle compared to most scavengers.

He paused when he noticed the odd sword, tilting his head. "Is that yours?" He asked, looking curious.
"Charlie, nice to meet you." He shakes Tobias' hand.

He looks at the floor around him, "Not really, suckered got a lucky shot and hit his power core, blew him to bits, fortunately it was a close shot so he didn't make it away." He chuckles somewhat sadly.

"Oh that? It's a thing I made. It's like a taser, but I can use it to fry electronic locks too. I'm kind of a computer guy."
Tobias frowned when Charlie said the robot had been blown up, shaking his head. "well, we can at least salvage some parts." He said, giving a small shrug.

He went to check the odd weapon, tilting his head slightly. "Cool. I'm okay with robots and computers, but I've never come up with something like this." He said, looking back at him. "I'm better with animals. I train dogs sometimes. Found Spike as a pup and raised him." He said, sitting down to pet the rough looking mutt.

"So, what rumor brought you here? I heard about medicine and chems locked down in the basement somewhere." He said, checking his notes.

(pic is Tobias from my game. :3)

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He blinks for a moment, "Rumors? I feel really out of the loop, I only came here because I thought that there might be some fresh clothes here, like scrubs or something, but I was wrong." He drops his head sadly, "Buster paid for it too."

He looks up to Tobias, "You said medicine or chems? Can't hurt to go look, I might also find a new robot I can reprogram." He grabs the electro sword thing and stands.

"Do you want to go down together?" It was at this point that Charlie noticed that Tobias was quite handsome and blushes lightly, but the blush is hidden until he pushes his curly hair from out of his eyes, his bright green eyes shining in the dim light.
"Yeah, I heard some guys talking about old hospitals being great places to find chems." Said Tobias, nodding. "I'm sure whatever we find will be more than enough to make this trip worth it." He said, grinning.

Tobias checked the ammo in his gun and the battery on his flashlight, not noticing the way Charlie looked at him. Quickly adjusting his goggles back over his eyes and pulling his scarf up over his lower face. "Its good to have these things. Gotta find a good gasmask." He said, shaking his head. "Yeah, we should stick together. Spike can scout ahead. He knows to keep quiet and avoid danger." He said, patting the dog's head.

"Just stay behind me." He said, readying his gun and heading out of the room, following the signs that lead them downstairs.
Charlie nodded, "Of course, I don't want to lead." He chuckles nervously hoping the man didn't notice him staring.

He follows slowly behind Tobias studying the man from behind. Watching and carefully mimicking his movements, it was clear that Tobias was more experienced than poor Charlie.

"What are we going to do if we find something?" He whispers loudly
Tobias just nodded. "Keep watch behind us...never know what might be lurking down here." He muttered as they walked. He was fairly experienced, having spent his childhood as a hunter. He knew to always listen for any strange noises, and keep an eye out for signs something had been there.

"Power's still on...good for us." He whispered as he opened a door at the bottom of some stairs. He glanced back to Charlie, shushing him when he noticed Spike's fur bristle and body tense. He peeked through the doorway, spotting a feral ghoul hobbling around.

"Shit...ghouls...." He whispered. Looking around the room, he spotted a terminal and several medic protectrons. "Hey, you think you can wake those bots up? I'll toss a bottle at the opposite end of the room and you sneak over and start 'em up. Spike and I will have you covered." He whispered, picking up a Nuka Cola bottle.
"Yea, I can do that." I look around the room for the console for the protectrons. I find it over in a corner, thankfully, away from the ghouls.

"I'm ready when you are!"
As soon as Charlie shouted, the ghouls were alerted. They growled and began heading his way. Tobias cursed, tossing the bottle at the first ghoul, stunning him as Spike took him down. He then pulled out his rifle and started picking them off. Hoping Charlie could get the robots to help them out.
(I should have been more specific, he was just responding enthusiastically. Should I edit or just run with it?)
(Just run with it)
"Shit shit shit shit,"he skirts the edge of the room moving towards the protectrons.

He manages to dodge a ghoul and then gets to a terminal and starts typing furiously.
The terminal wasn't very secure, an easy hack job. Setting the robots to their default medic mode would have them detecting the "disease threat" of the ghouls and moving to stop them. All while Tobias kept picking them off with headshots and Spike went for the legs.

The ghouls were obviously what remained of the hospital staff, dressed in tattered dirty scrubs and lab coats. Among the gurneys and medical equipment laid skeletons...some scattered, others preserved where they died.

It wouldn't take long for Tobias, Spike, and the robots to clear the ghouls robot suffering pretty significant damage, while the other remaining mostly slowly stomped around, ignoring the men and dog...following 2 century old programming.

"Well, that was think you can program that bot to follow us?" Asked Tobias as he tended to some minor wounds on Spike.
"Yea sure," He clatters away on the keyboard, "Adjust primary care recipient, Tobias and Charlie....doot de doo. And done." One of the protectrons breaks off from its appointed rounds and stomps up to Charlie.

[DECLARE DESIGNATION!] It practically yells at Charlie.

"Uh Charlie?"


It then stomps over to Tobias.


{Insert response here}


And then it just stands there.

"I think it should follow us now and help us fight."

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