The Breeding Station (OPEN)

This is a Role Play open the the community, almost anything goes in here but if you know my Role Playing style, you know I like to talk dirty....very dirty and there will be others here who will talk dirty as well. I you do not like to read dirty talk then this is not for you.

Rules to follow: ALL MPREG Central rules governing Role Play. I will be keeping an eye out for posts that break the established rules. Also: NO RAPE PERIOD. If you want rough sex than ask for it, if someone says no to anything...NO means NO.

Breeding Station is a large station in Space that exists for the soul purpose of continuing the survival of each and every species. No reason why we can't have some fun as well though.

Sex: You can play as a breeder, seeder or both with any species and players can interact with each other: one on one sex, three way (or more), group sex, orgies etc.

Getting pregnant \ Getting someone or something pregnant: If you are a breeder you can get pregnant with as many babies of any species as you want. Be creative and make up a species and any special characteristics you want. If you are a seeder you can have sex with other players or make up a species.

Going into labor and giving birth: Again, be creative: a species you are pregnant with may have a pregnancy period of 10 minutes (or less) of belly expansion before you go into labor and give birth. Example: The Troglodytes pregnancy is 12 months but the host has to give birth to the egg into a new host multiple times during the pregnancy while it grows until it breaks out of the egg and the last host gives live birth to it. You can RP with the same partner and give birth into each other (use you imagination) or you can pass it to someone different.

There is a delivery room you can use...but what fun is that? You could be off the station, on a planet, at work, on vacation etc and go into labor and give birth. You could be in one of the stations many rooms or hallways and go into labor with a baby that wants to be born NOW and give birth right there. Again, some species you may be pregnant with may have a short labor and birth while others have a long labor and birth.

If you make up a species with certain gestation times, birth style etc and someone uses the same one but does it what? Just because you made up a species does not mean you hold the rights to it...let it go.

Some of you have my dirty playing style and like to be fucked into labor, fuck during labor and fuck between multiple births while cumming in buckets and having heavy painful contractions and long hard labor and birth. There are always new and different species visiting or on the station who are looking to get pregnant by someone or something, get someone or something pregnant or both.

You can get pregnant by any means you wish, fucking, unbirth, swallowing someone whole and giving birth to them (some species may use this as a way to prolong life), giving someone or something oral sex and swallowing the cum. You can give birth out of any hole in your body, just do not be upset if someone does not want to assist you if you are giving birth out of your mouth. If it turns you it but you may be alone. You can even have the baby "beamed out of you" to avoid labor and birth.

There are times that you just get horny when you are pregnant and have to satisfy it by fucking someone or something or masterbating...right then and there. There are certain species that you are pregnant with that get you hard or wet (depending on your sex) without any warning. Some species rely on the cum someone fucks into you to survive. If two or more people are fucking, unless you are invited, do not join in, they may not want a group. You can ask but again: NO means NO. Stand back and watch and masterbate if you want though. There are times however that a station wide orgy breaks out and anyone can join in. If you make a mess, do not worry about it...the Stations cleaning robots will clean it up....or fuck you if you want and you can get pregnant with a robot baby.

It has to be said: No one likes to write three sentences describing who they fucking, who is fucking them, how good it feels to cum, how painful the contractions and labor is, what species they are giving birth to etc only to get back "WOW" or "MMMMMMM feels good" or some other mindless post. If this is how you roll, do not be surprised if no one responds to your posts anymore. Not looking for a prize winning author or a novel and must of use can read typo. Spelling and grammar is not an issue either

Also if you get too freaky for the person you are role playing with, too rough etc even when told no or asked to stop, don't be surprised if no one responds to you anymore either.

Define your character: Use my template and be descriptive as you want to be.

Name: Rodger JetPack

Sex: Male

Player Type: Breeder and Seeder

Special Characteristics: Gets pregnant each and every time he fucks any species (male or female) even if he is already pregnant. (The Station Medical Room can give you a treatment so you can do this too if you desire). If fucked by a Male species the Male may insert something into his ass or his dick (as well as the Female species). If the Female species have a "pussy like hole" instead, when she cums some of her unfertilized eggs flow into his dick and some females may actually lay fertilized eggs in his dick or his ass (Some male species my lay Fertilized eggs as well in the same way). Rodger is always fucking, always going into labor and always giving birth to some species and he is one of the Stations top Breeder \ Seeders. He always seems to be in some strange place or in public when he fucks and\or gives birth.

Number of babies (if breeder): Rodger never knows since is always pregnant

Turns Ons: Lots of Hot, Hot Bi and interspecies fucking, having someone or somthing dominate me, oral sex (giving and getting), cumming in large quantities (me and\or whoever I am role playing with), Huge bellies (my own and/or the Player or species I am fucking), Painful contractions, long hard labor and birth. Fucking into labor, fucking during labor, fucking between multiple births, Fucking to be fucking, being pregnant with multiple species that have their own pregnancy and gestation periods, meaningful posts. Bathroom play

Turn Offs: Very short or meaningless posts, someone who just wants to give birth all the fucking of any type.

I will ask you if you read this entire document sometime after your first post. You are responsible for the rules in the document pertaining to rough sex or rape.


Rodger JetPack was one of the celebrated Seeders \ Breeders on Breeding Station and he ensured that he was always pregnant with multiple babies from different species. Whether it was on planet Xepo where when one of the natives fucked Rodger his belly quickly began to expand, which was expanded already since he was always pregnant. He quickly had to leave when he began to expand since he got pregnant every time he was fucked or he would never leave the planet.

That is where Rodger just left, he beamed aboard the Breeding Station just as the Xepo babies had finished growing and started kicking. He was going down the hallway trying to make it to his room but was not fast enough. He spotted a Troglodyte he knew that also needed to find another host for his egg. "Branen...quick...fuck me...I need it" Branen was happy to whip out the tentacle he called a dick and shoved it up Rodgers ass even before he got his pants off.

The force of the tentacle dick pushed Roger's pregnant belly against the wall and started fucking him. "God are so good" A crowd was gathering as the fucking intensified and Branen pushed hard "NNNGGGGHHHHHHH" and everone could the the lump, the egg going going the tentacle and into Rodger's ass.

Rodger felt the egg begin to enter his ass as Branen pushed again and soon the egg was transferred into Rodger and his water broke. "AUUUUUGHHHHH" he yelled as the first contraction hit him. Branen had transferred the egg but kept fucking Rodger because he knew he needed to be fucked.

Throughout the 15 minute labor Rodger had to cum twice, as a service driod cleaned up the puddle of cum his dick exploded again and cover the droid. Rodger bore down and pushed "NNNNNGGGGHHHHHHH" Branen pulled his tentacle dick out of Rodger's ass because he knew what would happen next. When you gave birth to Xepo babies, you gave birth to them all at once. Rodger pushed again "NNNNGGGGHHHHHHH" and the Zepo's began muscling their way past the babies already in his belly and started falling out of his ass, it looked like he was shitting Zepos.

A painful contraction followed by a massive load of cum as Rodger pushed even harder "NNNGGGGHHHHHHHH" and the rest of the Zepos fell out of his ass, 54 in all, not many if you consider that a Zepo is about the size of a golf ball at birth.

After he stopped cumming he thanked Branen for the fuck and went into his room to fall asleep. Another kick reminded him that the Grogel he was pregnant with was due to be born later that evening, Grogel's incubate exactly 48 hours and he let a horny Grogel fuck him 42 hours ago. He would need his rest, a Grogel was painful to give birth to since it went into his ball sack during labor. The only way to give birth to a Grogel was to either fuck until your balls were the size of watermelons and then when the pressure was so great, pull out and masterbate.

Your cum went everywhere and made a huge mess but you had given birth to the Grogel in the process. Rodger also held the record for blasting a Grogle out of his dick the furthest...a distance of 17.5 feet. The thought of a cum explosion that massive got him hard before he went to sleep.
Rodger woke up with a pain in his groin, when he pulled the covers back he realized with horror that he overslept and had gone into labor with the Grogel which was now is his balls. He could not only feel the Grogel inside his balls, the creature was large and he could see it moving around. Rodger had to give birth to the Grogel before his ballsack exploded.

He got up from the bed and his melon size balls were knocking him off balance, he felt a contraction and quickly jacked himself off. After a few strokes he came, which made his balls even larger. He had to find someone to fuck and quickly.

Rodger ran out naked into the corridor and another contraction hit him hard “Auuuughhhhh” and he feel against the wall. “I have to give birth” he shouted “I need someone to fuck…please…anybody”
Name: Aquum

Sex: Male

Player Type: Breeder

Special Characteristics: Aquum is a member of the Zeolani species, which have human faces, but fishlike scales along the arms and legs, and the torso is a pale green. When pregnant, the Zeolani stomach is translucent, allowing people to see whatever is growing within.

Number of babies: Currently 0, but Aquum wants to change that, ASAP

Turn on: Rapid expansion, eggs, group sex

Turn offs: none

Aquum was a newcomer to the Breeding Station, and was SO excited. All he wanted in his life was to experience pregnancy, and in this amazing place, he could do it over and over and over. As he wandered down the halls, he could hear the grunts of sex and the screams of labour, and it made him aroused beyond belief! His crotch tightened, and he felt like the cum would burst out of him any second now. He needed someone to fuck and impregnate him, quick.

Luckily for him, he saw a man close by with melon-sized balls, leaning against the wall, saying "I need someone to fuck- please, anybody!" Aquum smiled and walked up to the man, asking "Will I do the trick?"
Name: Alegra

Sex: Female

Player Type: Seeder

Special Characteristics: Alegra's race is very special, they are called Cythins and their females aren't able to conceive or bare children. Alegra's race is almost an all female race that has very little males; only 3-4 males actually live on her plant, making the Cythins race very small. Alegra has gone to the Breeding Station in hopes to populate her race to keep it from dying out. They are main traits are having 4 eyes and purple skin which sets them apart from other aliens. When a species gets pregnant with one of their children their belly will expand quickly with their children being fully developed within the first day and not being able to give birth until the 3 day. The labor is hard, long and painful birth with their children being the size of toddlers. The carrier can only hold up to 2-3 of their children at a time.
(Looks like this: might need to copy and paste it in your url.)

Turns Ons: Meaningful emotions, because her species is almost all females they have a strong sense to others emotions. Must have hot, passionate sex. Enjoys getting bites and scratches. Huge bellies.

Turn Offs: Rapes and people asking her why she can't get pregnant.

Alegra just stepped off of docking station and entered the main corridors of the station. It was a lot bigger than she could have ever imaged with so many species suitable to carry her species. She saw many pregnant species with huge which started to get her slightly flustered and wanted to give her seed to someone soon.

But she needed to first go find her lodging room first. Thoughts of children and their carriers entered her mind causing a smile to come onto her face. This excited her more when she saw someone giving birth right their in the hallway right at her door calling for someone to fuck them. She would have spoke up but someone was already coming to the guy to help him out. Now she just had to wait.
Granting a Life.
"How about a three way?" Rodger said to both Aquum and Alegra. First Rodger crammed his dick in Aquum's ass and started fucking him hard, Rodger's melon sized balls bouncing. He grabbed onto Aquum's hips and thrust even harder as he came and his balls got bigger. "Have up the pressure...MMMMMMM" Rodger balls kept growing bigger and bigger.

"They have to be bigger" Rodger yelled as he pulled his dick out of Aquum's ass and into Alegra's pussy as she bent over and braced herself against the wall. Rodger's grabbed onto her hips and began fucking her. "I know your species....OHHHHHHHHH...You are here to get men pregnant...OHHHHH....OHHHHHH.....OHHHHHH" Rodger's balls got even bigger. "Going to enjoy giving birth to a couple Cythins...OHHHHHHH"

Rodger felt Allegra cum and felt a couple of seeds go into is dick, Cythins eggs are very heavy and got past the Grogel easily and Rodger felt them begin to grow. He had more than enough pressure to give birth to the Grogel and the quickly developing Cythins will just add to that. Rodger pulled out of out of Algera’s pussy to avoid shooting the Grogel into Algera and hurting her.

“Looks like Aquum is ready to get pregnant Algera” Rodger said as he began to jack off in preparation to give birth. While Aqqum and Algera looked at each other longingly everyone in the corridor moved to the side, they knew what was about to happen.

Rodger kept jacking off as the Cythins grew rapidly, his belly expanded and so did his balls. Rodger felt another contraction “ARRRGGGGHHHHH” and he bore down and pushed as hard as he could “NNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHH” after a few more strokes, he pushed again “NNNNGGGGHHHHHHH” and felt the Grogel move.

Rodger took a few deep breathes and pushed until his face was bright red, “NNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHH”. With a loud “POP”, Rodger gave birth to the Grogel propelling it down the corridor. For a full two minutes Rodger jacked off as a steady stream of cum shot down the corridor and all over those standing in the corridor. Rodger leaned heavily against the wall as the two Cythins were now fully developed in his large belly.
“Rodger” he heard someone yell “a new record for birthing a Grogel…19 feet” Rodger waved his hand in the direction of the voice in acknowledgment and heaved his huge belly back into his room. It was only Monday and already Wednesday was going to be a very busy day. Not only was he looking at a long hard labor and birth with the two Cythins, the three Mackladytes were due at the same time. Rodger went back into his room and got back into bed and fell asleep.
Alegra felt almost violated but willing to help the man go through his birth as well as transfer over her own eggs into the willing surrogate. He was strong and he would give birth to strong healthy Cythins. She was going to look up this person to see how well he actually did with carrying others children and the whole birth.

She looked over to the Zeolani. "If you feel like carrying my children meet me back at this room in about 2 hours. I will be happy to know that I will be able to see the progress of how my children are doing inside of you." She said and started to walk after the guy who was now walking away with a heavier belly that had her children inside of him. As well as she wanted to know how her children where cooping with their surrogate. She was also curious to the whole pregnancy idea.

She found the room he had entered and knocked on it lightly. He didn't answer to where she knocked on it a little harder and it cracked open. She didn't want to be noisy but she wanted to know a little bit more about the carrier. She stuck her head in and looked around. "Hello? I don't mean to bother you." She waited for an answer.
Granting a Life.
Hmm.... two hours. Aquum smiled to himself. He could probably find someone to seed him, and then give birth before the two hours were up. He browsed the database of aliens on bored the station and noticed a race called the Quozznifs; they had very short gestation span due to the fact that only 5% of Quozznif eggs ever hatched However, that number went up to 12% when grown inside a non-Quozzniff. He tracked down one and asked him if he wanted to breed.

"Always" it murmured, before promptly bending him over. "Nnnnnff." Aquum let out a grunt as it slipped inside him. As the alien began thrusting back and forth, he could feel the soft lumps that would harden into eggs flow into him. 3... 4...5... a total of 6 proto-eggs inside. Half an hour later they would be hard and ready to come out. Just the thought of that made Aquum closer to cumming. He leaned back into the Quozzniff's thrusts, and a short time later, he was squirting hot strings of spunk all over the floor. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" He moaned, satisfied.

After promising to come back for the delivery, Aquum left the Quozzniff in his room, and went to find some lunch.
"Come in" said Rodger. He was sitting naked on his bed, his hands rubbing his huge pregnant belly. "What can I do for you Alegra? Thank you for helping me earlier by the way, I didn't feel very social at the time but I am feeling better now" Roger watched Alegra staring at his enormous belly and smiled
I walk in and stay over by the door. "It is good to hear that you are doing better now." I say nodding my head in respect to him. "You did very well giving birth to that Grogel earlier. Thank you for not giving birth inside of me. I'm sure that could have injured all of us in that situation." I stay quiet for a moment.

I go over to his bed and sit down at the end of the bed. "I have a couple of back ground questions for you if you don't mind answering." I stay quiet for a moment for him to answer but I continue to go on anyways. "Have you ever lost any of the children that you give birth too? How well do you tolerate pain? Have you ever kept any of the children that you've given birth too?" I ask him concern since I didn't get to know about him earlier before that radical sex in the hall by my door. I was curious to if he would be able to handle the birth of my children.
Granting a Life.
"Lot of questions" Rodger said "and no, I have never lost any of the children I have given birth to nor have I kept any. They have all gone back to thier home world or other places after birth"

Rodger kept rubbing his belly and continued "As far as the pain, I have had some very long and painfull labor and births in the past. If you are wondering if I can handle the labor and birth of Cythins, I have heard they are among the hardest to give birth to but I am not scared of it"

Rodger looked at Alegra and could tell she was still concerned "If you want to assist when I give birth to your children I will find you when I go into labor"
I nod my head. "Yes Cythins have been one of the number one difficult births due to the size of them compared to other species that come out through your dick when you give birth." I state as I reach out my hand and touch his belly. He had more than my children in there but I didn't know where they were at.

As I rubbed his belly I couldn't help but admire how his skin was so smooth and with out many flaws to it. It was probable due to how often he was pregnant with other peoples babies. "You must help a lot of species from dieing out." I say idly as I stare in aww at his huge swollen abdomen. "You are the best of the best here at this station." I say and see the clock on his bedside table. I then stand up and look at him. "I shall find you when I go into labor. I must go meet someone else to also carry young." I tell him and go over to the door. "I shall see you soon Mr. Rodger." Then she leaves the room without another word.
Granting a Life.
[Sorry VenusLove...been busy...pick up where we left off?]

Rodger ran back into his room and got on the communicator to Breeding Station Services "Can I help you" said the voice on the other end "Yes" said Rodger "This is Rodger Jetpack...get a message to Alegra that I labor". Rodger shut off the communicator before they could respond as another contraction hit AHHHHHHH" Rodger threw off his clothes and waitied for Alegra.

Rodger's dick got big as he assumed that was a sign of Cythins birth "Really Jetpack...really...did you have to fuck anoher alien who babies you give birth to through your dick?" Rodger felt a pain in his groin as another contraction hit "AUUUUGHHHH" he moved around and felt another contraction further back "AUUUUUGHHHHH" "Oh shit" said Rodger "one of the Mackladytes...oh shit" Rodger was no in labor and and would soon be giving birth to the Cythins though his dick and the Mackladytes through his ass. Judging by dual contractions he could be giving birth to them at the same time.

Rodger took a deep breath "You can do this Jetpack" he told himself as twin contractions hit one nealy on top of the other "AUUUUUUGHHHH....AHHHHHHHH"
Name: Jace
Sex: Male
Player type: Breeder and seeder
Special characteristics: He is only young and has just started there, he always has painful labour no matter how short the actual birth is or how small the baby is. Since he arrived only a few weeks before he has been pregnant 5 times, each with a different species. He finds the whole process intriguing and always has. He gets extremely horny a few hours before labour so he knows when he's close.
Number of babies: Depends on the species, between 1-5 usually but at the moment 3
Turn ons: Pretty much anything
Turn offs: none really

Jace leant against the wall breathing heavily as he rolled his hips moaning at the pain wracking his body, the labour had lasted a good twelve hours already but he knew he may have much longer to go. He had researched Mahyens before getting pregnant, they were small beasts who when born were the size of a normal human child, he also read that labour could last between 9 hours and 3 days. He was pregnant with three and new this was going to be his most painful labour yet as all other animals he had so far breeder were small animals, from the size of marbles up to the size of two chickens eggs combined. He groaned loudly "Someone help me....please" He cried a little terrified.
It had been 15 minutes since Aquum had been seeded by the Quozzniff, meaning that he was halfway through his pregnancy, and had a small but noticeable bulge in his stomach. He was wandering the halls of the station, wondering where the cafeteria was, idly rubbing the bulge, when he noticed a young guy, younger then him, leaning against the wall screaming in pain. From the size of his belly, it was clear he was in labour.

"Someone help me....please" the boy moaned.

"It's okay..." Aquum said encouragingly. "You just need to breath, alright?"

Jace moaned as he cried as he tried to breath "Im trying, this is bigger than the other babies I've had" I groaned loudly rolling my hips "Im so tired...." I whimpered and gasped as i felt liquid fall down my leg before screaming in agony as I felt one move towards my birthing hole "Help" I sobbed staring at the guy
Alegra had been busy for the last three days that she had been on the station. Now several different alien species were holding her children and soon she would be able to meet her children soon. Then she would take them home and then be back to do the same thing.

She meet up with Ryne the day after and they did it. He was happy to oblige to having her children and now it didn't seem to matter who was having her children. Everyone seemed to want to help her race and get pregnant. That was ok though, with all the pregnant people on the station it was making her horny and wanting to get fucked.

She entered her room after being fucked again by another species again. This species was a Glimpo, they were known for carrying successful births of multiples. As soon as they were done he was thoroughly pregnant with 3 heavy Cythins, he had to carry his belly until he got use to it again. When she entered her room her message box was flashing red with a message. "Miss Alegra, a Mr. Rodger Jetpack called us to tell you that he is in labor. Would you like us to give him a message back?" A woman on the machine said in a calm, pleasant voice.

"Ah, no, you don't have to I'll be right there." She said cutting her off from something the woman was about to say. She rushed over to his room and barged into his room seeing him panting through hard contractions. She went over to his side and rubbed the swelled up globe that was glistening with sweat. "How long have you been in labor for?" She looks down at his dick and sees how big it has swollen for the size of the babies that would pass through it none. "You're doing good so far. Anything I can get you, do for you?" She asks curious and getting wet watching him give birth to her children.
Granting a Life.
Aquum helped the other guy into one of the small rooms nearby, laying him down on the bed and gently caressing his massive belly. "I'm gonna help you get through this, alright? My name's Aquum, what's yours?"
Jace moaned quietly as he was moved "J-jace" he sputtered before arching his back as he cried out "One of them is coming" I sobbed a slight sheen of sweat already covering my whole body, I tried curling in on myself groaning as a strong contraction rocked my body, I panted through it
"Jace." Aquum smiled. "That's a great name! Now, Jace, I need you to push, alright? PUSH!". Aquum's hands caressed Jace's belly. Zeolani had healing powers in their hands, and he was trying to take some of the pain away.

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