Alien Neighbour (closed)
Name: Ryne
Age: 23
Description: Caucasian, blue eyes, dark blonde hair, thin

Ryne knocked lightly on the door of his neighbours new house. He was excited to meet the new neighbour and had brought a 'welcome to the neighbour' gift for him/her.
Name: Amanda
Age: 26 (in human years)
Description: Alien in human form, tall, blonde, green eyes.

"Hello," Amanda opens the door.
Ryne smiled at Amanda. "Hello. Welcome to the neighbour. My name is Ryne." He welcomed as he gave Amanda some flowers.
"Oh, how beautiful! I'm Amanda, come on in," she smiled beautifully.
Ryne entered the house and admired the roomy living room. "This is a beautiful house." He complimented.
"Thank you. What do you do?" she asks, bringing him a glass of water.
"I work for a industrial business. I work the steel." Ryne explained as he started to drink the glass until it was all gone.
"How interesting. I'm a doctor, working on my midwife certification," she says, sitting on the couch beside him.
"Really? How do you train for that?" Ryne asked curiously.
"You take classes like any degree, which I have finished. Now I'm in clinicals, which means I shadow a midwife, attending appointments and births with her. It's pretty cool."
"That's really cool. I should call you if I ever have children." Ryne said as he imagined having children one day.
She laughs, "are you married?"
"No. I would like to be one day." Ryne said.
"Me either. I want a baby though, I've been looking at IVF and a surrogate," she admits quietly.
Ryne smiled. "If I could, I would be your surrogate." He joked.
"Well, there is a way..." she said quietly.
Ryne looked at Amanda curiously. "Beg your pardon?" He asked.
"Where I am from, there was a research study done. I participated. Men were given an injection that caused a womb to grow, and three days later were artificially inseminated. It's nowhere near publication or mainstream media, but it worked 85% of the time and was pretty cool," she said calmly.
Ryne raised an eyebrow. "Really? What about the other 15%?• he asked.
"They were fine, they just didn't grow the womb. So, we didn't inseminate," she said matter-of-fact-ly.

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