Closed A forgotten prince (Closed with bhdire8)
Name: Carlos Kirkwood
Age: 19
Appearance: Carlos has raven black hair it used to be long but his last owner cut it so it is now stops below his ears and sea green eyes his hair has red streaks in it. He is nearly blind in his left eye there is a scar going down it is a new one from an older slave who didn't like him very much. He has a bandage over it, he is 5'3" tall but weighs less than he should for his height.
Extra: He doesn't know of his heritage since he sold as baby, Both of his parents had been killed
Name: Lord David "Dave" Lennox
Age: 28
Appearance: tall and lean, he was everything aristocratic by definition. Born in a noble family, he had been forced to run the household since his late teens, when his aged father past away. His silvery hair was from his mother's side who inheriditarily have this strange colored hair. His grey eyes accompanied well with it.
Extra: unbeknownst to him, the prince was who he had been searching for his whole life. On his deathbed his father had asked his son to try his best to search for the last remaining member of the family that he had dedicated his loyalty to for his whole life.

Entering into the slavery, Lord Lennox was immediately greeted by the greasy seller. It was an auction and a lot of his counterparts were present. He nodded curtly to them and started down the way where all the slaves to be sold this day were lined up. He didnt really need a slave, but his friends had been pushing him to buy his little pet, stressing on how it would be fun. He relented and decided to make a move today, where the largest auction recently was going to take place.
Carlos sighed as he stood in line with the rest of the slaves. He hated being here he had brought back here a few weeks ago by his last owner a Ani Human. Wanting go run his hand through his hair knowing he couldn't since it would mess with the bandage. For now he would look around with one eye waiting for the auction to start.
Dave looked through the line of slaves, and he soon met eyes with the last in row, a poorly bandaged slave who was scrawny and small. He stopped in front of him and tilted his head up, seeing the bondage across his face. "Who's this?" He asked the auctioner. "You are selling such damaged slaves too?"
Carlos looked down he was shorter than the others but he was considered damaged because of what had happened. A auctioneer came over to him "That is Carlos",he told him "Yes he is the only one. We had to sell him an older slave did that to ealier.",the auctioneer explained to the lord.
Dave found himself very interested in this slave. He bent down a little and looked straight inot his eyes, which he noted was a beautiful green. "Hello Carlos. I am Dave." He traced his hand on the bandage, and saw Carlos flinched. "Sorry... I didnt mean to hurt you." He apologized, shocking everybody standing beside him.
Carlos sighed he shifted from side to side he was uncomfortable with standing there. Blinking when he saw him close that he hadn't expected. "Hi Dave",he said not sure what else to say to that since most of them didn't say anything. He flinched when he traced the bandage that did hurt he was shocked when he said sorry.
"I..." dave was going to ask if Carlos would want to go with him, but found it to be quite dumb to ask. Carlos wouldnt have any say in this, and he wouldnt trust him at all. Thete's no reason for him to be willing to follow him. He abruptly stood up and asked the auctioneer. "How mcuh was his bidding.price starting from?"
Carlos wouldn't mind going home with a kind owner but that wasn't up to him at all. Though he wasn't so sure about it though since they could be nice until they got to their place. Carlos was nervous as he watched Dave stand but only to ask the person a question. "Not that much since he is damage goods and not many owners would want a damage slave. 100 gold is his starting bidding price",the auctioneer replied.
"100 gold." Dave sneered and glanced at the oily salesman. "You indeed is a greedy one. We will see." Even as a noble, he wasnt stupif. 100gold was a lot of money, and he knew it was because he had showrd interest to the slave that got him raising his price -dramarically. He let go of the slave, but not before scratching lightly in his palm, and proceeded to be seated at the foremost table and.started socializing with a few familiar faces around, awaiting for the start of tbe auction.
The auctioneer shrugged since he didn't have to explain it him. Before moving away from the line of slaves since the auction was about to starr. Carlos sighed as he stood there it was uncomfortable standing there but the auction was going to start soon.
The lighting soon dimmed indicating the start of the event. The auctioneer went up the stage and started introducing the slaves, asking them to come out one by one as they started the bidding. Therr were all sorts of slaves, some were stunningly beautiful,some were strong and muscular, some were talemted enough to be babysitters. They were all sold for diffrrent purposes. Eventually when Carlos was up, all the auctioneer had to say about him was he had great potential to be mold into anything, though all guests knew that to be not true - how verstatile could a one-eye human be.
Carlos waited to be called by the auctioneer. Walking up onto the stage when his name was called he stood there looking down at the ground since not many people wanted a one eyed slave since he wasn't of much use now. Though sales person said he could be used for something else rubbing his hands with nervously. Carlos sighed it wasn't his fault that he was like this he could do a few things but wasn't going to be of much use when the bandage came off.
Dave was patient. He waited until the first bidding starting from 100 gold failed, with no one willing to place a bid for that damaged good. He sensed the auctioneer glancing at him repeatedly, but he didnt move at all. The auctioneer was getting nervouds and sweat could be seen forming on his forehead. The original bid price was not as high, Carlos was set at 20 golds before, but Lord Lennox showing interest had made him bold and raised the price. He couldnt explain to his boss that he failed to sell this slave with such a stupid idea, and he considered before lowering the price. "This slave would now be starting at 50 golds." He announced. And once again there were no bidders. He frozed, panicking, and tried again at 30 golds, which was when Lord Lennox finally raised his elegant hand, becoming the only bidder, and Carlos was sold.
Carlos sighed but he would be brought he was no longer safe at the slave/auction house. He stayed quiet wandering why anyone would pay that much for a damaged slave. Standing there he a let a sigh of reailf when he was sold but was surprised when it was Lord Lennox was the one who had brought him. Carlos was stunned but glad that he wasn't going to be there for much longer he stopped off of the stage joining the other slaves that were sold as well. He ran his hand through his hair when he was back there since he had to wait for his new owner to come and get him.
(It's been a long time, i.thought you abandoned it... welcome back and happy new year Wink)

The Lord stood up and to the slave that's his now. He extended an arm. The servants beside handed his cape over and amidst shockrd eyes, he flipped it over Carlos' shoulders. "I wouldnt allow my slave shivrring in the cold, or wear something that could scarcely cover his body. Little one, you belong to me now. Let's go home." The cape was large for th3 slave and almost brushed on the floor with how long it was. The Lord notixed it and swept the slave off his feet, then walked out of the door in majestic stpes.
Sorry I haven't. I've just been busy the past month and happy new year))

Carlos blinked he noticed that his new owner was different from the others. At least Lord Lennox cared for his slaves unlock most masters who treated them badly. Though that did surprise him when he draped his cloak around his shoulders and pulled it around himself he was cold but not that cold. Nodding though he wasn't sure letting out a squeak when he was picked up off of his feet he hid his face in the cloak as they left through the door.
The slave felt warm in his arms and the lord gave a faint smile hearing his squeak. shifting the small frame on his one hand, he leapt up onto his horse brought forward by his servants, settling the slave in front of him. "stay still or I can't ensure you wouldnt' just fall off the horse." the lord said with a hint of teasing before urging the horse forward.
Carlos he rubbed his face with one hand blushing a bit. Though it did start going away after awhile at the moment though he was glad to away from that place. Taking a deep breath when he was sat on top of the lord's horse "OK", he said he had never been on a horse before so he did just actually that staying still.
As the stallion started picking up its speed, wind started blowing and it was getting quite cool. "Grab on my waist, we are going fast now." He asked throuhg the roaring wind, in fact he just wanted to see hsi little slave getting close to him. THrough all the filth and smell, he could sense a faint unique scent from Carlos that got him curious.

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