Demon Birth (closed RP with Iliad)
My name is Kyle. A few months ago, I was kidnapped and impregnated by a demon. I didn't realize he was a demon because he looked human like me.

I've been trapped in a small cabin in the woods for months now, my grotesquely swollen belly tight and moving with the demon's children. I am confined to my bed as my belly is too large and hangs too low for me to move about often.

Today, I've been feeling a little worse than usual. I haven't been able to do much but moan and whimper a bit, sweat trickling down my body. I only wear a pair of boxer shorts, but my cumbersome body is beneath a light sheet. I have been alone most of the day, my eyes closed and my breathing deep, though I am unable to sleep....

When I hear the door open, I weakly open my eyes and gasp in fear. The demon has returned.
My name was nothing so exotic as Bealzabub or anything ells so foreign, simply James, and I am a demon. Specifically a demon tasked with making sure there are more demons to roam the earlthy plain, a job I take great delight in as I enter the cabin iv been using as a base for the past few months. My little pet Kyle is on the bed, belly swollen to massive proportions beneath the sheets, making me smile a devils grin as I approach with a saunter. ''Good morning Kyle, sleep well?'' I ask with no less then a note of scathing sarcasm as I approach.

I'm dont mind waiting, I have in theory forever to wait around, especially for the best part, but Kyle looks far too comfortable for one carrying three demonic children.
My very presence in the room though sends the heat sky-rocketing from the warm 80 or so, up to what must be miserable for humans, but heat makes the babies more active, closer to the birthing stage the more and more active, and if nothing ells, make Kyles life a little harder.
I can do nothing but moan out softly in reply, as the demons roil around within me again, my belly moving about. "Nnnngh...."

I weakly reach down to cup my belly in my hand, and manage to turn my head to look at you. "James....why...nnngh...hurts..."

I swallow and reach up to rid my forehead from the perspiration there. "It's so hot..." I gasp out weakly and turn my head away from you, not wanting to have to face you. I'm terrified of what's to come.
I chuckle softly at you, watching as the boy moans and writhes beneath the sheets, which are quickly starting to cling to the boys swollen body. I can only figure its time, if only so the poor boy doesnt burst, Iv been toying with the idea of using him again.
''I think you can take a guess, you're a smart boy.'' I mutter irritably back, more focused on the locked cabinet on the far side of the room, smiling softly to myself as I approach Kyle while he looks away, only to rip away the sheet, leaving him all but exposed before smiling sweetly as I turn to leave him.
When I reach the locked cabinet I use a skeleton key to unlock it, inside revealing severl dozen potions, all from roiling insidious purples, to dead looking blacks and greys in ornate bottles. I pick a bottle quickly the color of pale rose quartz filled with a redder liquid before turning back to my captive. ''So Kyle, lets play a game, if you're a good boy I think we can both have some fun, if not, well, I'll have fun all on my own.'' I purr in a dark voice, hinting that no matter what, Kyle gets the short end of this bargain, its just a matter of how short.
I feel slightly relieved now that the sheet has been removed, the unbearable heat feeling a bit better now that I am more exposed. However, this feeling only lasts a moment as I watch you open up the cabinet, and my eyes widen in fear at the sight of the potions.

My hands are now splayed on my sweaty, swollen belly, pressing down, trying to ease the movements within me. I finally turn to face you. I lick my lips and take a deep breath. " about this....ooooh..."

I bite my lip and throw my head back a bit. "Please...make it stop...." I have no idea that the pain I feel from the demon spawn moving about is nothing compared to the labor that I'm about to endure.
I can only smile as I slide forward with a predatory grace to the bed, sitting on it beside you and putting one of my hands on your belly. My flesh must be burning hot compared to a humans, and the babies respond while with my free hand I hold up the bottle. ''Oh dont worry about the fun, you just worry about the pushing.'' I tease, my eyes turning jet black, as I grab you by the throat and pin you down. I straddle your hips and arch over the swollen mass of your belly, my hand on your throat, and the vial uncorked. ''You spit this out and there will be far worse things...'' I warn quickly, holding the vial up to your lips, releasing your wind-pipe and cupping your chin up to force you in to drinking it easier.
My eyes widen with fear and I have no choice but to drink the horrible tasting liquid. After I swallow I gag and pant heavily, your sudden assault on me draining.

"What....what is that?" Your hands caress my belly and I hiss with the pain this causes me. "Please...please stop..."
I watch you with narrowed and studious eyes, sighing irritably as you beg once more for me to stop, making my flare my energy, heating up the room even more for a few moments. ''Id quit asking that, it only makes me angry....'' I hiss in warning, sliding away from as Kyle hisses in pain, watching him clutch his swollen belly.
''Just push when you're ready sweet, I wouldn't advise trying to stop it...'' I smile again, sitting beside you on the bed and caressing your stomach, the skin tight and hot and alive with the motion of strong demons inside.
I shake my head and give a low, deep moan as my belly suddenly surges forward with a contraction. "Nnnnnggghhh...."

I press my hands on the base of my belly and pull back, trying hard to push, but I'm too tired, too weak. "I...can't...."

You tell me to push, but I am not even halfway dilated, yet. The pain is unbearable, and I whip my head to the side as my belly surges again. "Ohhhh....nnnngh!!!"

I grasp the bed sheet below me tightly in my hand, trying hard again to push with the contraction, but nothing happens. I pant hard, then reach back to grasp the headboard tightly as I move myself even lower on the bed. "Can't....nnnghhh...."

''Can't, can't what? Can't moan any louder, or cant wait for me to 'give you a hand''' I ask in a sadistic tone, watching you try and push, thought I sit beside you, never leaving you as you twist and try to move about on the bed, I make no move to help, or even comfort you.
I rub circles in to your belly, my skin feverishly hot and making the babies squirm and kick the harder I press and lower I bring my hand.
''How does it feel? I could make you do this forever really, its so rare I get boys who can handle more then one, makes me wonder just what your limits are....'' I muse almost whistfully, though my voice is like snake venom, promising to torture you long and hard.
I close my eyes and try to breath deeply, despite the agony I am feeling. When my belly tightens and lifts with a new contraction, I suddenly press my hands on my belly frantically, just trying to stop the pain.

"It much....nnnngh...." As the contraction ends, I am left drained, and go limp, panting with my mouth half open, my eyes closed, breathy moans escaping as the demons roil about within me.

I lick my lips after a minute and open my eyes to look at you. You suddenly come forward and press your hands hard on my belly, causing me to arch up in pain. "No....nnngh...." The pressure is unbearable, but I'm nowhere near giving birth.
I can feel the pressure just from the taunt skin as another contraction ripples through you, I lick my lips hungrily, watching you go limp from exhaustion and pain already.
''I could show you what a real contraction is, you're still on training wheels for the moment...'' I tease, scraping my nails over your belly, leaving red trails over the flesh before getting up and making a show of slowly going back to the cabinet, wanting to see the fear on your eyes as I look over vials, wondering which cocktail I could mix for my writhing captive.
My eyes widen in fear and I shake my head, not believing that this was only the beginning and that the pain could get any worse. My back is spasming terribly. "Can I please...try to walk...around...?"

I wasn't sure how I was going to do it, because my belly was so heavy and hung so low, but I needed to get off my back. Another contraction hit me then and I threw my head back again, biting my lip and moaning in agony. "Please....unnnngh....please!"
I chuckle softly at you, obviously amused by how easily frightened you are. I shurg my shoulders noncommittally in responce, wondering how long the cat and mouse game can keep going before the pain out weighs the fear.
''If you can, I think I'd be interested to see you try...... just remember, I wont help you.''
(Sorry for not posting sooner!)

I lay there for a few moments, then slowly start to heave myself up out of the bed. I am very slow with my motions, I feel so heavy and weak. I manage to sit up, my huge belly hanging low between my legs, shifting my gravity even as I sit there.

I place my hands at the base of my belly to support it, lifting it a bit to relieve some of the weight it's putting on my back, then try to stand up. As soon as I do, a searing contraction rips through me, causing me to drop down to my knees, hugging my belly tight. "Ohhhh.....nnngh...." My belly seems to come to life with the movements of the demons within me.

After the contraction ends I manage to heave myself up off the floor and start to make a very slow trek around the room, one hand on the wall for support and another on the underside of my belly. Walking seems to only tire me out, so I turn around to go back to the bed when another contraction hits me hard. I press my back against the wall and toss my head up, breathing deeply as the sweat pours down my face and belly, which is now jutted out hard in all it's glory. The demons are so low within me and I have to keep my hands there, pulling up hard with the contraction. I let out a low, deep groan, my eyes closed. "Nnnnnnnngggggaaahhhhh....." I know nothing but the pain, and I have to lie down....
I watch you, keeping silent though a devils smirk never leaves my face as I stalk you about the room like a cat watching a lame mouse. Each time you fall to the floor I tisk and chuckle, half tempted to push you back down, but the contractions seem to do the work for me. ''You're filthy, rolling around on the floor like a sow.'' I remark dryly, as I approach you, the second contraction making you lie down in agony, trying to pull up your center of gravity as you push to no avail.
Your stomach is massive, and low hanging, and even from here I can tell every time a contraction hits you, sweat glistening off your solid belly and brow.
I look up at you, my eyes narrowed. I take a deep breath and manage to heave myself back onto the bed, lying on my side, resting my belly on the mattress, moaning and breathing deeply. I am barely registering you there anymore, no longer afraid, I just know nothing but the pain now.

I reach my arm out to grasp the headboard as my belly surges forward again with a contraction. "Ohhhh....nnnnnnggahhhh....nnngh..."
I watch you irritably, disliking being ignored I follow after you, getting on the bed infront of you and roughly forcing your knees apart as another contraction hits you, my eyes black with fury as I force you down further on the bed, grabbing your chin to make you look at me. "You are mine, and I will make this pain worse...." I hiss dangerously, making the air around us all the hotter just to spur on the unborn demons inside of you.
I gasp and just nod, believing if I play along, things might get a little easier for me. "I'll do...anything.....nnngh...." My voice is soft, weak and breathy, I'm exhausted and only want to sleep now.

I lie back with my lips half parted, hissing as the demons move even lower within me now. "O-o-hhh.....nnngh...."
I watch you as you comply to me, knowing the pain must be terrible for you to give in so easily, I only smirk as I watch you groan with each contraction, reaching out to grab you legs and push them up and apart, ripping off your boxers with rough force, knowing it must be getting closer to time now.

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