Night Bearing (Closed)
Name: Ryne
Age: 19
Description: 6ft 3in tall, slight muscular built, blonde hair, blue eyes, Caucasian.


Ryne walked through the cold forests on the outskirts of Ice Harbour, not knowing the dangers that await him.
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Name: Damien
Age: 124
Description: looks like hes in his 20s 5"5 feet green eyes black shirt hair a little shaggy and very muscular
Damien needed a mate he knew that his cult needed to reproduce to he Niger everyone has found a mate except him he just got in a big argument with his brother about not finding a mate Damien was deep in thought when he smelled it was a male he smiled as he climbed into the tree starting to watch
Ryne was searching through the cold forest in search of snowberries, a tasty treat that only grows in the cold. He finally found some, unaware of the entity that stalked him.
Damien stayed in the tree watching the my eat the Berries A smirk spread a crossed his face as he thought " we'll I found my mate brother" he chuckled slightly
Ryne continued to eat the snowberries with glee. What Ryne didn't know though is that snowberries increased fertility. He ate as many as he could, making a small soft bulge appear on his stomach.
Damien smiled knowing this would be quite easy he jumped down from the tree and walked up to Ryne he smiled a smile that wouldn't show his fangs " are you lost?" Damien asked deciding he would act normal at first
Ryne looked at the stranger who walked up to him. "No, I'm just enjoying a little treat. Who are you?" Ryne asked trembling a bit.
"My name is Damien..." He smiled at the boy "would you like to go to my's cold.." Damien whispered desperately needing a mate
Ryne looked at the stranger named Damian. "Um.. Sure it is cold. Thank you." Ryne said unaware.

Damien smiled and led Ryne through the woods to a little black cabin he lead him inside " please take a seat make yourself at home.." Damien smiled his fangs showing a bit as he went into the kitchen to make tea for his guest
Ryne did as he was told, sitting down on the couch. He was worried that this stranger was going do something horrible to him. Even though Damian invited him into his home, he couldn't shake the feeling that there was more than meets the eye to the stranger.

Damien walked in and handed Ryne the tea he took a seat deciding he would tell his company what he needed from him he stared into his eyes smiling " Ryne...I brought you here because I need a mate...I'm a vampire" he said flashing his fangs " our clan needs more children we are all to take a mate and reproduce..." He said looking at Ryne wondering what his reaction would be
Ryne took the tea and started to drink it, listening to Damian. When Damian mentioned that he was a vampire, his mind kinda shut off. He was being visited by a vampire. When Damian mentioned having children and reproducing all he could say was. Eh? What do you mean?"
He looked at Ryne " I mean I'd take you as my mate and impregnate you with my children" he smiled wide
Ryne stared at Damian and blushed. He always imagined being pregnant. He thought it was the greatest experience anyone can have. But a few questions ran through his mind. "Um, how pregnant will I be and for how long?" Then Ryne blushed a deep crimson. "H-h-how will I get pregnant?"
Damien smiled " well we could make love or I have a potion and it will only last 2 months"
Ryne blushed when Damian said 'making love'. "I think I'll take the potion." Ryne said.
Damien smiled as he got up and quickly made the potion pouring it In his drink
Ryne gulped as he stared at the drink. Mustering up his courage, he drank the potion. He started to feel a little hot. "Damian, help. My body feels so hot!"

Damien lovingly helped Ryne up helping him onto the porch so he could cool off abit " It just means its working love your gonna feel a little uncomfortable..." Damien whispered

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