Centaur Breeders(Closed)
Centaurs have been slowly dying out and over the past few decades the female centaurs have suddenly died from a disease that for no known reason only affects them. The male centaurs must act fast. When they have been low on numbers before they have found men of the human species a viable option. Right now the centaurs are not in such a dangerous position so only steal two human boys from the country side. They are forced to have sex with the centaurs and are given potions to get them go into a long painful labour. They usually have 1-3 centaur babies at one time.

Name: Jace
Age: 18
Species: Human
Description: Short dark hair, regular build, green eyes, pale skin

Centaur for when needed

Name: Palentine
Age: 215(22)
Species: King of the Centaurs
Description: The biggest of the Centaurs at ten feet tall. He is the one who puts his seed in the men


Jace was out walking with his friend through the farm. He yawned a little and grinned seeing the forest up ahead. Wanting to really not work at that moment he turned to his friend grinning "Race you to the trees!" he said and ran as fast as he could to the forest
Name: Liam
Description: athlete build brown hair and brown eyes tan complexion
Age: 19.
Liam smiled as his friend and took off running right behind jace he ran as fast he could he picked up speed halfway their and beat Jace to the trees " I win!" Liam yelled happy sticking his tongue out to tease his friend
Jace chuckled and tackled him to the ground laughing as he sat up looking down at him for a moment. He frowned slightly having the feeling they were being watched. He stood quickly looking around cautiously


Palentine watched the young boys eagerly. They were obviously quite fit from the run they did. They had bodies that seemed well suited. That's all that really mattered to him. He called on his heard who then grabbed the unsuspecting boys knocking them out bringing them back to the breeding cave.


Jace groaned quietly a dull ache in his head as he woke slowly. He rubbed at his face weakly before moving his hand and frowned unknowing where he was. He saw Liam in the corner and got up quickly going to him. He suddenly realized he was completely naked and a blush covered his face. He went and knelt down next to Liam "Liam. Liam? Are you okay?" he asked worriedly
Liam groaned and woke up he looked up at Jace " yeah...I think so...where are we?" Liam asked nervously looking around then noticed they were both naked " what the hell where are our clothes?" He asked pulling his knees to his chest and tried to cover himself
(sorry; i accidently fell to sleep last night)

Jace looked around nervously "I have no way of answering either of those questions" He said quietly "However, I have a really bad feeling" he said scared.


Palentine walked in, his hooves clicking on the cave floor as he came to stand in front of the two boys "Hello young humans. I am Palentine, king of the centaurs and you have been brought here to breed our kind as we are slowly becoming extinct. You may think we are crazy as you are men but we have found only the men of your species can carry our young successfully. Any questions before I plant my young in you?"
Liam looked at Palentine wide eyed " what if we refuse? To-to have your young I just wanna go home please let us go home to the farm..." Liam whispered breathless and scared starting to panic and gasp for air
Palentine glared down at the human "Im sorry tiny human. If you can beat me then you may leave. Fair deal?" he asked puffing out his chest proudly
" beat you...no I couldn't I don't believe in violence " Liam whispered scared and looked at Jace
Palentine stood tall "Then you are to stay here" he said demandingly

Jace shook badly looking up at the huge being
Liam reached for jaces hand to calm him " it will be okay.." He whispered soothingly
Jace started crying because of how terrified he was. He curled into Liam's side

Palentine smiled evilly "Now who shall I impregnate first?"
Liam rubbed his friends back " shhh it will be okay I'll go first..." Liam stated trying to be brave for jace
Jace grabbed onto him tightly shaking his head shaking

Palentine: "Turn over so you're on all fours then" he said absently
" jace it will be fine don't watch " Liam whispered and pulled away from jace and walked to the other end of the cave getting on all Fours he clenched his jaw waiting for it to happen
Jace turned away crying for his friend

Palentine walked over to him he placed his hands on the wall to steady himself. The rest of his body above the small boy. He quickly shoved his huge dick into the tiny hole moaning in absolute pleasure at how tiny his hole was
Liam grunted in pain but bit his lip so he wouldn't scream he promised he would be strong for jace
Palentine began going slow but quickly quickened his pace slamming into the hole as quick as he could moaning out in pleasure before he dug himself as deep as he could releasing his load into the boy
Liam bit his lip bloody it hurt so bad but he refused to cry and Liam waited for Palentine to pull out " go slow on jace...please..." He begged
Palentine grinned "Sorry? Go hard on your friend. Won't mind if I do." he chuckled going over to the boy curled up before grabbing him roughly and putting him in the right position before he shoved himself into the boy loving his screams as he went harder and faster

Jace screamed in agony digging his nails into the ground sobbing at the horrible feeling until he finally got off. Jace laid there in a heap and sobbing

Palentine smiled pulling away "Perfect. It will be a few hours before the centaur babies are born. I have a potion here for one of you to take, it will mean you will be in labour at different times. It means that whoever drinks this will go into labour immediately after the other gives birth to however many centaur babies you are having." i put the potion on the ground before leaving muttering a spell on the entrance before i did so.
Liam quickly ran over to Jace pulling him up into him " hey jace it's gonna be okay will find away to get back home but do you wanna take the potion ?"

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