Middle Ages (closed)
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In the bleak era known as noneother that the Middle Ages a young male known by the name of Sir Kodai Devachi had defended the many lands of his guardian's empire since he was a mere lad, taught by the skilled hands of his handsome father. As time passed on he matured into a young and intelligent man who knew alot about war tactics and how he would put them to use. On a fateful night of enchantment a violent and unspeakable encounter with an unknown and feral beast from a faraway land beyond his own would seem to test the bond between his beloved family members and create strained relationships between his loyal friends as his body would begin to change and thrive in ways he would not realize were possible. Through it all only one woman would prove to him that there was still hope to hang onto. That special woman was Anna. She was a close friend of his. As time passes the worry within him would continue to dwell and so would his slender form, taking on more of a maternal form. Others within his kingdom would glance or stare at him with disgust twinkling within their eyes. They did not know. No one did. Would they realize just how dangerous and sinister this pregnancy would become? only time would tell. The pregnancy symptoms would include uncontrollable chills, fevers and throwing up.
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There is a quiet knock at the door. "Kodai? It's Anna, can I come in?"
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Slumbering ever so soundly after an intense sparring match with his beloved father Kodai found it's unconscious length ceased by a soft but urgent knock upon his wooden door. With a soft sigh groggily he fluttered his eyelids, opening them which revealed identical icy blue orbs. He reached down, pulling back the covers of his mattress from upon his slender legs before arising to his bare feet. He walked toward the door, opening it so that Anna could enter through. "Yes Miss Anna .. come in .. is there anything you need?" He spoke softly with concern, his slightly low voice like creme.
"How are you feeling? Bad night?" she asks, the only one knowing the truth.
"I am well .. I guess. The sparring match took alot out of me. My father was not pleased with my efforts. I tried my best but it seems that it is never enough with him." With another sigh Kodai turned, walking to his bed before sitting down upon it's mattress and rubbing his aching temples with the fingers of both hands.
(You're already pregnant right?)

Anna lowered her voice, "how far along are you now?"
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"I know you're tired. You did so well though."
(It is alright. No need to apologize. And sorry for the long post. I got alittle too into it. Smile)

"Thank you Miss Anna." Kodai smiles slightly, gazing up into her eyes warmly. That next dawn Kodai was called to do many chores for his mother and father. As morning passed into evening he was dismissed from any more letting him retire back to his room where he adorned his form in more elegant clothing and retired his dirt and blood soaked clothing. He spent the day digging graves and moving corpses. He attended the masquerade that the King and Queen held, becoming steadily annoyed of all the countless stares and smiles in his direction by other young men. He wandered off from the castle and into a heavily wooded area, unknowing that he would be pursued by a feral werewolf. Eventually he was attacked and even though he struggled to his misfortune he was immediately overwhelmed and pinned down, fearful while the werewolf ripped area after area of clothing from his quivering body. The werewolf became aroused, jamming his thick and massive member deeply into Kodai's exposed and tight entrance which caused him to scream out in agony. Within a few hours after much fierce thrusting, grunting, biting, clawing and snarling the werewolf released a large stream of his creamy seed into Kodai, dismounting his body and retreating into a buildup of trees from sight. After the werewolf departed the scene Kodai was stunned and shocked, bleeding heavily from between his legs. Kodai gasped as he slowly arose, crawling over and gathering up what was left of his torn clothing before staggering back toward the back of the castle weakly to search for Anna. "Miss Anna .. are you there? .. I .. I need your h .. help."
Anna hears someone calling for her outside, and she quickly puts on her coat and shoes. She runs out, to the woodline where she hears the calls. She stumbles upon Kodai, sees much blood, but not able to see the origin. "Oh my God! Kodai! What happened?" she quickly tries to find a source of the bleeding, thankful for her nursing skills.
"I .. I was attacked." To Anna Kodai spoke weakly, his still quivering and exposed body slightly bloodied while covered by many deep claw marks upon his chest and stomach while bites were riddled upon a side of his vulnerable arms, throat and legs. His legs were blood covered and to make matters worse he was losing alot of blood. His vision became blurry and his worry grew. "Please .. h .. help me."
Anna calls for one of the guards. He comes and carries Kodai into his bedroom, Emily tries cleaning off the blood, to see where it is coming from, so she can stop it. "Kodai, stay with me," she says, sending a servant to get the nearest doctor. "Kodai, Who did this?!?"
As Kodai was carefully scooped up into the guard's strong arms and lifted he tried to clench his teeth together but against his wishes he screamed out in unbearable agony that was beyond his control. As he was laid down upon his backside upon his comfortable bed his pained outbursts were ceased by shaky and labored breaths. As time passed on it robbed him of his ability to see clearly. "I .. It was .. it was a .. a werewolf." .. "I feel cold .. s .. so cold .. a .. am I d .. dying Miss Anna?" He whimpered softly.
"I know it hurts, I'm sorry. No, you're going to be ok, keep talking to me," She said, bandaging his chest wounds. "I'm sorry sir," she said, examining the wounds between his legs. "Warm blankets and water please!" she yells out the door to a servant.
"I am pleased that you were in your room and not with the others. They would have not known what to do. For this I shall be eternally grateful to you." While speaking sluggishly Kodai struggled to keep his grip upon the consciousness that was slowly slipping from his grasp. By now his vision was completely blurry and his upper eyelids were drooped but still open halfway. As he felt Anna applying bandages to the wounded flesh of his exposed chest he winced and whimpered, breathing shakily and clenching his teeth while he struggled not to cry out again. He was surprised at how long he was conscious. As his friend searched inbetween his now parted legs he turned his head to a side, blushing while he struggled not to sob bitterly as what he remembered about what body part of the werewolf was inside of him. He hid his tears, letting them stream silently down his emotionless face. The flesh of his once virgin entrance was forcefully opened and torn, gaping open as if it were a large gunshot wound. It would need to be stitched up.
A servant places a warm blanket over his chest and stomach, and a cool cloth on his forehead. Anna continues to examine between his legs. "I'm so sorry that I have to do this, I'm glad I able to help though. Yell if you need to, I know your are in a lot of pain. The doctor will be here soon, stay with me Kodai," she said, with worrry in her voice.
Kodai had regretted that he did not take his sword and arm himself correctly when had the chance to. That accursed werewolf would have been slaughtered like it deserved to be. Vengeance would have been so sweet. Eating it's heart raw for a meal after carving it from it's very chest would have been so much sweeter, he thought to himself. With each movement from Anna's skilled hands that had examined the sensitive, broken and blood soaked flesh between his shaking legs he had screamed out loudly which was heard through the castle halls, throwing his head back with many gasps and heavily hesitant breaths. "Gracious god almighty! .. ah! .. a .. ah! .. ouch! .. ouch! .. why must I suffer?!"
"I know, I know, I'm so sorry," she hears a soft knock. "There's the doctor, let me step out and speak to him, then he will come in. Servant, keep that cloth cool, and try to get him to drink," she instructed, stepping out and closing the door behind her.
Kodai gradually relaxed his tensed body when Anna's fingers had ceased examining inbetween his upper thighs. Weakly he turned his head abit, his blurred and hazy eyes watching his beloved friend walk from the room. "Yes Miss Anna. As you wish." The servant bowed her head to Anna, doing as she was told and proceeded to keep the cloth upon his head nice and cool for him before dabbing at it's flesh softly. As time ticked along slowly she tried to get Kodai to drink a few sips of water and he tried but he ended up raising up abit and throwing up upon the floor beside the bed with a few coughs. "O .. Oh god!" He said inbetween panted breaths. "Miss Anna .. he is becoming worse." The servant rushed to the door of Kodai's room, opening it before speaking frantically to Anna.

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